Awkward Friday Post

 I hesitate to call this a “Foods on Fridays” post because I haven’t done much new food-wise this week, and I dedicated the other day completely to popcorn. I did try a new to me flavor of Clif bars (Sierra trail mix). It was ok. I’ve also decided to take a mild popcorn break due to the bloating from all the salt. Even if I figured out how many calories it had, I still was eating soooo much of it I was perpetually bloated. I did think about buying some new nuts that I saw at the store – they were chocolate peanut butter flavored mixed nuts that were sort of like the dark chocolate almonds I reviewed before – but they were EXTREMELY expensive. I might try some if I get a coupon or they go on sale, though.

Instead of food, I’m just going to talk about a random compilation of things. I have a feeling that my posts this semester are going to have this quality :/

In news completely unrelated to food, I got my computer back this week! I don’t know if I had actually mentioned this on here, but the day I got back to Lafayette, my CD drive fell out. Yes, that’s right. IT FELL OUT. The guy at Samsung who I spoke to about my warranty says that he has never heard of this happening to anyone and he had worked there for years!

The good news: they fixed the computer! They even cleaned it and fixed a few other minor cosmetic issues (i.e. I was missing a shift key). They also repaired it pretty quickly (less than 2 weeks), though I was doing ok without it due to a combination of a borrowed laptop (thanks to Gab!) and an external harddrive. 

The bad news: they wiped the hard drive. I had a back up, so I didn’t lose anything really (except possibly my GPS watch software…), but I am just BAFFLED about why they wiped it. There was nothing wrong software-wise. I’m not even sure why they had to turn it on! I’m also not used to my keyboard yet, so I keep accidentally typing things weirdly. Hopefully I re-acclimate soon!

In other good news, bike commuting is going fairly well. I’ve had a couple of near collisions (people pulling out of intersections when they shouldn’t have), but I’ve become a lot faster and more confident. Hopefully the improvements continue! I do notice a weird grinding/clanking noise when I am pedaling, though, so I need to take it in sometime this week to get it checked out before my pedals like fly off or something.

I’ll try to post a bit about my runs this weekend. I’m hoping they go better than last weekend, when my long run was laughably slow 😦 I’m guessing they won’t, though, because it as been like 95 degrees and humid everyday. Yuck!


2 thoughts on “Awkward Friday Post

    • Also I tried the incredibly spicy BBQ sauce at Hu Hot! I think my brain just had stopped working by the time I was writing this post and I forgot that I had tried new things.

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