Food Friday

I haven’t had one of these in awhile, so I have quite a few things to talk about!

Let’s start with some healthy foods I’ve tried lately:

First, a few weeks ago, when it was still new-ish (or at least I had just started to see it in stores), I tried the Blueberry Power Chobani Flip. These flips have been hit or miss. Some are really good, like the Key Lime or Chocolate Coconut (though this one has too many calories, I think); some have been ok, but nothing to shout about, like the one that is basically vanilla yogurt with cornflakes. The blueberry one was worse than I expected based on the description, but better than I expected after opening it up and seeing what was inside. I would probably buy it again, as it did taste good and like most of these was very filling, but it did not look good at all. Behold: purple yogurt and birdseed:

Another thing I tried was one of those Emerald Breakfast on the Go things. They are basically packs of nuts, dried fruit, and granola. I typically don’t buy very many nuts because they are pricey (though I did go buy a Sam’s Club sized thing of cocoa almonds for $11 the other day), but I had a coupon for a free box of 5 so I picked some up. I decided on the “breakfast nut blend” which had candied walnuts, granola, yogurt covered raisins, dried cranberries, and dried apples. I found it very tasty and filling! I felt like they were a little pricey, but honestly they were cheaper per packet than my beloved Clif bars, so I’d probably get them again.

Speaking of Clif bars, I’ve been trying to branch out on my flavors because my grocery store seems to be doing this weird thing where the individual bars are way cheaper than a box of 5. Prior to this, I had only tried chocolate chip and chocolate brownie, which are two flavors I love. I have now tried several more. My least favorites have been the chocolate almond fudge one (not nutty enough) and crunchy peanut butter. The main reason that I didn’t like the peanut butter is that it did not live up to the Larabar ALT peanut butter cookie bar, though, and I can’t seem to find those anymore, so I might have to resort back to the subpar Clif version. I have really liked Sierra Trail Mix and White Chocolate Macadamia nut, though, so I will probably get those again. I had the macadamia one this morning (I like to eat them on Friday morning before teaching for two hours straight) and I was pleasantry surprised to find it was very nutty and not very sweet, especially considering it is drizzled in white chocolate.

I took a bite before I remembered to take a picture, sorry 😦

My final healthy food to review this week is some peach muffins I tried to make with the 99 cent per pound fresh peaches I have been buying in overabundance. Unfortunately, the recipe called for FAR too much baking powder and they were really bitter. Since they weren’t that great, I won’t link to the recipe, but I will forewarn you: if your recipe calls for 1.5 teaspoons of baking powder but only makes 12 muffins, you’re gonna have a bad time. I ate 3-4 out of a feeling of obligation and I think I’m going to throw them away tonight now that they are “stale.”

Now, on to the unhealthy stuff!

First, something that you probably cannot get yourself, so it is pointless to review but I just have to talk about how much I love it. I love love love non-soft-serve ice cream. I mean, soft serve (especially from McDonald’s for some weird reason ) is good and all but “hard” ice cream has a special place in my heart. A long or at least longish run treat I’ve had about 2 times since coming back from school is the “Fat Elvis” flavor from a local ice cream place. It is banana ice cream with chocolate and peanut butter, and I put it in a chocolate coated waffle cone because if I’m going to eat a ridiculous amount of calories, may as well add about 100 more in chocolate alone.

Be jealous. Also, you can’t really see it clearly, but there is white chocolate drizzled on the inside as well!

Next is another local item that you cannot get! Don’t be mad that you cannot get the wonderful foods that I review; be glad that I have picked unhealthy items that you cannot purchase unless you happen to live in my town and you will therefore not be tempted to make bad amazing choices like me. A new local pizza place opened down the street from my place, and to celebrate the fact that I was chilling out instead of taking a midterm that was going to ruin my life, my roomie and I got some deep dish pizza (and we may have watched Shakespeare because we are very very cool). It was ok. The toppings were great quality, but the crust was too hard and not buttery enough. Or maybe I’ve just been spoiled by my ability to go to Lou Malnati’s*. Either way, I think we will forego the deep dish for regular crust next time. We are also going to try another local pizza place with some friends tonight, so maybe we’ll end up liking that place, too.


Ok, now on to stuff you could actually get if you wanted (depending on region). The first is another ice cream….but you can buy this one at stores (if they carry Turkey Hill products). When I saw it, I just had to buy it, because it reminded me of home. I mean, everything Turkey Hill reminds me of home (it is, after all, “imported” from Lancaster County, PA), and I may have bought like 15 flavors of iced tea when I realized they carried the brand here in Indiana, but this is straight up PA themed ice cream. Seriously, the flavor is “Pennsylvania Dutch.” It’s really good, as it is basically chocolate covered pretzels and brown sugar, but it’s a little higher in calories than their other ice creams. Then again, this would matter less if I could stick to the half-cup serving that ice cream recommends.

Finally, I must implore that you go purchase The Traveler Beer Company’s pumpkin beer this very moment. It is not beer; it is pureed pumpkin pie (I might have stolen that line from the bartender). I had never tried pumpkin beer before, so when I read a review that said that this particular beer – “Jack-O-Traveler” – was really good, and I was immediately told to try it buy the bartender upon entering the bar I knew it was meant to be. And I was not disappointed. To be fair, though, it claims to be a shandy, but it doesn’t taste like lemon. Probably a good thing for a pumpkin beer though a bad thing for a shandy.


*Yes, I prefer Lou Malnati’s to Giordano’s, and yes, I have been able to find decent deep dish outside of Chicago, so I’m probably not (that big of) a snob.


2 thoughts on “Food Friday

    • Haha! Apparently when I don’t do one of these posts for a couple of weeks I find a lot of enticing things to talk about. Maybe I should just make a post about nothing but the gross peach muffins next time!

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