Heritage Trail Race Photos

Just a mini-update to add a couple of photos from my race.

Starting out! It looks REALLY dark here but it just looks that way because it was dawn and cloudy. It wasn’t exactly bright, but we could see. I’m the one in the apparently super-reflective clothes, namely the orange hat.


Finishing up! I’m glad they took this from far away – I was so muddy I was almost embarrassed to see the photo. My official chip time was 1:21:06 – we started 20 minutes after the marathoners. I would like to note that the route is actually closer to 7 than 6.55 miles (though that is a still a REALLY slow time due to the mud).

By the way – one more thing. I redact my misgivings about Planet Adventure that I voiced yesterday. I can no longer find that “horror story” I read, so maybe I dreamed about it. They also had all of the results and these photos (for free!) up on their website before I went to bed last night! Amazing!


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