Food Friday

Because it is fall, I basically want to eat nothing but pumpkins and apples. Pinterest is NOT helping with that, by the way.

I haven’t made anything pumpkin yet (I bought pumpkin spice m&m’s though – those were really good, don’t buy them!), and I have only been eating plain apples rather than trying to make fancy fall recipes with them, but I did buy a butternut squash! Butternut squash is one of my favorite things (Belle loves it, too, but just make sure that if you feed it to doggies you give them plain pieces!).

I tried this recipe for a butternut squash side dish, and it was amazing! This website has a bunch of other butternut squash recipes that sound amazing, too (most are vegan, as well). I served mine with a baked potato and tilapia with breadcrumbs and parmesan. Yum!

I really need to improve my food photography skills, especially in comparison to that blog post!


I have also continued to eat my baked cinnamon quinoa from last week throughout the week for breakfast. I really like this, and will probably make it again! I even ate it the morning of my trail race, and found it to be a great pre-race meal. I have been eating it with peanut butter, mostly. I had it with cookie butter (this weird thing you can buy at Trader Joe’s) a couple of times, and with yogurt and berries once, but the peanut butter was best. I am guessing it would taste best with almond butter and a few dried cranberries, though, so I will have to procure those things for the future. Speaking of almond butter, has anyone ever tried to make it themselves? It is SOOO expensive and all the recipes online make it look like I could just put some almonds in my food processor for a few minutes and then TADA. I am afraid it won’t really be as easy as they make it seem, though :/


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