Lions, and Tigers, and Bears – Oh My!

How was my trip home, you might be asking? You know, the one that kept me from posting for like 4 days (oops)?

Well, I can say that the title of this post is a mostly accurate description.

You see, I’ve been listening to the same CDs in my car for about 4 years now. I had only taken a few when I moved out to Indiana, and then my husband threw away all of my old CDs because they were “ruined.” Just so you know, dear, I will never forgive you for throwing away “Nevermind” just because 2 or 3 tracks skipped too much to play – the others were still perfectly fine! And if you are learning anything from that last sentence, it is that everything in my CD collection was 10-20 years old. So basically I’ve been listening to a few hits circa “Wonderwall” and “Soul Meets Body” for four years now. So lately, I’ve decided to reach out and see what the radio has to offer out of boredom.

And mostly, it is offering Katy Perry. Though, to be fair, I probably had to hear “Roar” so many times because I had to keep switching the radio station. Here is the (ridiculous) video if you haven’t heard it yet:

I really don’t want to like it, but I sort of do now that I know every word. I feel like if it was sung by someone other than Katy Perry it could be my like awesome girl power anthem or something. It also reminds me of my soccer playing days, when our coach used to make us sing “Eye of the Tiger” while running warm-up laps. Ahh, nostalgia.

So, where do the bears come in?

Well, you see, I had to go for at least 2 runs while home: 5 miles on Saturday and 11 on Sunday. I had basically three choices on where to run: in the woods near my Grandpa’s house; in the tiny town my parents live in; or in the “big” town, where I could run on the college campus. I decided to opt for “in the woods” because it is more scenic than all of the other options. It also was WAY more hilly (like 3 miles of nothing but going uphill) which was beneficial to my training.

Fall leaves, fog, and fields. Who wouldn’t want to run there?

The only problem with this choice was that my family was FREAKING OUT. They kept insisting that I drive into town and run on the track (who wants to do 44 laps around a track?!) because it was going to be “too dangerous” to run anywhere else. And, to be fair to them, I did get “lost” in the woods once. I say “lost” because I knew where I was, I just thought that the way I was heading went back to the house when it went away from the house and I figured it out less than a mile after making the wrong turn, which is pretty impressive for me. They weren’t worried about me getting lost, though (the only thing I was worried about). They were legit worried about me getting eaten by bears, because a couple of people had hit bears with their cars earlier in the year. Now, I wasn’t exactly thrilled by the prospect of bears, but I figured that the danger level was similar to what I face elsewhere (city drivers and homeless people), so I figured I would be ok (for the record, the only animals I saw were 5 does). I was more worried about bow-hunters shooting me due to it being archery season (I promise I wore my orange hat!). My grandpa even went out and drove my route later in the day and told me it was “really out in the boonies.” Newsflash family: everywhere is out in the boonies. I don’t think I could have avoided running there. The grandpa I was staying with lives in a town of 1700; my parents and other grandparents officially make up nearly 1% of their towns population (I am not exaggerating, there are only 500 people).

Despite getting my good workouts in, not everything went well. I ate WAY too much (like peanut butter chocolate chex mix followed by large size Arby’s kind of too much), and came home to find that part of my bike was stolen. Yes, just part of it – the rear wheel. Yes, I know, I should have locked both wheels. I’m mostly complaining because the theft seems pointless – my cassette was all rusty and I had super cheap wheels on that bike (like so cheap the bike shop replacing it doesn’t carry anything that crappy) so I don’t know how much they are possibly going to sell it for. Maybe they will get some decent money out of the puncture resistant tire? It seems kind of silly that they would basically disable my bike for almost no benefit to themselves (they tried to remove my front wheel and failed, so I’m guessing they were trying to take the whole bike). I do feel very glad that I at least knew about quick release wheels – the guy next to me is going to come home to find nothing but a front tire attached to a Kryptonite u-lock 😦 I tried to warn him previously by leaving a note but it was on there for like a day and a half and it was all dewy and it was going to rain so I removed it and he was never told. Hopefully my bike will be back in working order soon, though, and my renter’s insurance will kick in a bit!

I will leave you with a picture of Belle being very happy to see me:


2 thoughts on “Lions, and Tigers, and Bears – Oh My!

  1. I realize I’ve heard this song a few times at work, and felt exactly the same- like, if it wasn’t Katy Perry, it’d be one I’d belt during karaoke or something because, damnit, I’m awesome! (And so are you, so you should be belting it, too!) On being able to listen more carefully, I at least feel a little reassured that she doesn’t *actually* sample from the song “Eye of the Tiger”- just the words “eye of the tiger.”

    And “who wouldn’t want to run here”? Um, I dunno, it looks like the setting for a Stephen King novel. Just sayin’…

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