Busy Weekend

Apologies that another busy weekend kept me away, especially from Food Friday. In all honesty, my diet has not been the best lately, so Food Friday would have been somewhat pathetic, anyway. Hopefully it will be a bit better this coming week, as I plan to try out at least one new recipe!

Mostly, I did not post on Friday because I was SO busy, though. On Fridays I always have to teach for 2 hours straight. On this particular Friday, I also had to pick up my bike from being repaired, grade a bunch of midterms, go out to dinner with a friend to celebrate finishing a major exam, and go to a concert!

River is very confused by this thing in her house.

After spending about $1 billion on fixing the bike (the shop doesn’t carry components as crappy/cheap as the ones that were on the original bike, so it was fairly expensive), I decided to stop being lazy and start lugging it upstairs to store on my porch. Hopefully no one decides it is worth it to get a ladder to climb up and steal portions of it again (the frame is locked to the porch). Also, you can’t see it in this picture, but my new cassette is SO SHINY. I somewhat afraid of getting it dirty!

I also must talk about the concert! We went to see Weird Al since he was coming to campus. Yes, I realize this was probably the most “old person” thing I have ever done, especially as I haven’t been to a real concert in YEARS (and yes, mostly because I’m “old” – one of my friends invited me to go see Imagine Dragons a few weeks ago and I had never heard of them). I was a little nervous because while I enjoy listening to Weird Al and find him amusing, the friends I was going with are super hardcore fans who I think know every word to every song, which is a bit intimidating. I had a nice time, though! Unfortunately, the pictures I took didn’t turn out very well due to crappy cell phone camera. I tried to get pictures of all of the fun costume changes (dressing up like Nirvana, Star Wars characters, etc) but they are either really small or really obscured by the lights on the stage.

On top of all of this excitement on Friday, I spent most of Saturday and Sunday visiting a friend in Illinois. She used to go to graduate school with us but escaped decided to move on to a more appropriate department about two years ago. She has been able to visit us a few times but it hasn’t worked out the other way around until now. We were able to enjoy a nice weekend of sushi rolling and drinking of seasonal alcoholic beverages (I am suddenly very jealous of the people in Illinois who can enjoy Cider Boys ciders on the regular) with her finally, though! Rolling our own sushi was awesome! We can’t get sushi grade fish in our town, but I will probably try to make some vegetarian rolls or rolls with things like crab sticks, smoked salmon, or fried stuff.

My first roll: spicy tuna, cucumber, and carrot. I got better at rolling as time went on, but my plate also becomes less attractive as time goes on. We also had rolls with regular salmon and tuna and cream cheese. Also, if you have never tried one of those tiny sodas you can get at Asian markets with the little ball at the top, do (the one pictured is pineapple – yum!).

I also spent a good portion of this weekend running, as my half marathon is in less than a week (eek!). I was scheduled to do 3 miles pace on Saturday and 12 miles on Sunday, but I decided to switch it around to 12 miles on Saturday and 3 miles easy on Sunday. I did this for two reasons. First of all, my half is on Saturday, but my training schedule assumed it to be on Sunday, and I did not want to have my last long run less than a week before the race. Secondly, due to my travel schedule, I was afraid that I would either run out of time to do my long run on Sunday or simply be too tired/hungover to have a good run, and I wanted a good run to build confidence before the race.

I am happy to report that my running went according to plan! I had a great 12 mile run on Saturday that is making me feel reassured that I won’t run the slowest half-marathon ever this weekend. The first 9 miles were perfect – I was running at a pace of about 9:00/mile, which is right on track for getting my race pace down below that, and I wasn’t even feeling out of breath or in pain! At that point, though, my stomach started to act up (probably from what I’d eaten the night before – let’s just say I had a Texas Roadhouse coupon and I ate something like 900 calories of rolls alone), and I had to stop at a McDonald’s to use the bathroom. My gastrointestinal problems vanished, but they were replaced by muscle cramps (probably from going from cold fall air into a super hot building then going back outside covered in sweat). My legs weren’t tired and I wasn’t out of breath, but a stabbing pain in my lower stomach forced me to slow down to about 9:30/mile (which I guess is still on track for my previous half marathon pace).

I also have a side story about this adventure into McDonald’s. On home football game days, Purdue students partake in a tradition known as “breakfast club.” From what I have been able to piece together, this means they get dressed up in Halloween costumes, go out for breakfast, and then start day drinking before the game (at like, 8 am). Because of this, the McDonald’s was full of a mixture of people in costumes carrying cups for different bars (you know, the kind you buy there then take back for drink discounts) and elderly men in Nebraska garb. And some chick in the bathroom dressed as like a sexy scary pirate carrying like three of these cups had the nerve to look at me as though I was the weird one. WUT?!

My three mile run yesterday also went well. It wasn’t race pace, obviously, since it followed my long run, but it felt good to go loosen up my stiff muscles. Most of my runs lately have been at least 5 miles and it was nice to be reminded of just how short three miles feels to me now! Today I will go do some foam rolling, then I just have a 4 mile run and a 2 mile run before the race. I am getting quite anxious!


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