Good Day

Today is a good day for several reasons:

1) Today is Love you Body Day!

If you don’t want to follow the link, or just want the short version, today is about rejecting the idea that a woman’s value is best measured by the amount that her appearance coincides with current beauty standards. It also focuses on the idea of challenging the exact nature of these standards, which tend to be relevant only to white, able-bodied women*. I love that my body is able to run for two hours straight!

2) Speaking of running, today was the last run before my half marathon! I was able to run an 8:30 pace despite being barely warmed up, so I’m starting to feel hopeful again that I will improve my time at the half on Saturday. We will just have to see!

3) After reading some ridiculous article on Cracked about “food industry lies” yesterday (they had some good points about transparency but most of it was just fear-mongering), I was greeted with this from MyFitnessPal today. I much prefer myth debunking over spinning the truth to scare people, especially when it comes to food and fitness myths!

4) I found some old pics of myself…prepare for a Throwback Thursday!

I hope you all have a good day with love for your bodies, awesome workouts, and freedom from annoying fitness myths as well 🙂

*Note: I think I may have worded this somewhat poorly. The challenge isn’t to create ridiculous standards for other women; it is to challenge the idea that white, able-bodied women are inherently more valuable because current beauty standards apply only to them.


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