Holidays and Family Fun!

First, I’d like to complain about the fact that I am still feeling sore from my half yesterday – that cold weather REALLY made my legs stiff. I was even limping a bit last night! It’s slowly feeling better as I move around, though. All in all, I had a pretty good day yesterday after my half, though. I had an awesome lunch and dinner (Irish for lunch; Mexican for dinner); accidentally stumbled on a preview day at the Sephora that is opening in our town next week (I exhibited great self control, purchasing only things I actually needed); and my roommate bought an awesome new car!

Today I am enjoying a Sunday where I don’t have to dedicate 2 hours+ of the morning to running. I’m making some chili, planning out some DIY Christmas present ideas, and “getting some work done” (hey, I downloaded some PDFs).  Side note: the accidental sexism of crafting websites is baffling. All of the generic “Christmas sewing project idea” type lists are full of nothing but women’s clothing and purses; in order to get anything else, you have to add “for men” to that search query, and then you end up with the actual generic presents, like coasters, wallets, lunchboxes, etc. I can see why some are lumped into a “for guys” category (i.e. stuff for sports like golf, which are male dominated – the sexism problem is related to the sport itself, not the crafting websites), but there are some things categorized as “for men only” that are just ridiculous. For example, this keychain was on a list as a “man keychain:”

I’m so feminine that I can’t see the manly details, apparently, because all I see is a fairly generic looking keychain.

Ok, I’ll end my rant and move on to my post now.

A few months ago, I started to think about how I should run a Thanksgiving 5K this year. I thought it would be fun to run in a big, just for fun race and a good way to get in some exercise over the break. To top it all off, I am spending Thanksgiving in South Carolina this year (my in-laws live there), so it won’t be freezing cold. This means that not only do I get to do a fun race, but that I get to have nice fall-like weather instead of freezing cold conditions (well, at least there is a chance) and that I get to do a race in a new city! Yay! In order to make this plan come to fruition, I started Googling to see if there were any good 5Ks near them and came across the Charlotte Turkey Trot*. This looked like a great race to do just for fun – a large number of participants, the timing is not competitive (they are having a competitive 8K), and costumes are encouraged!

I asked Kris if he would mind if I did this as part of our trip down there, and half-jokingly suggested that he do it with me. Now, I didn’t really expect him to say yes, because he hates running, but he mainly hates running because I am an asshole. I’m just way too hardcore for him. I am just doing this race for fun, though, so I should be able to refrain from yelling at him the whole time (only a slight exaggeration of how us running together has gone in the past). I have been super excited to do this with him ever since, but I hadn’t posted about it yet because I was afraid it wouldn’t work out. You see, he didn’t own any running shoes (in fact, he owned no athletic shoes at all!) and he hast gone running maybe twice since the last time I tried to make him do it (over a year ago). He has finally purchased the shoes and promised to run at least a little bit, and we have discussed whether he seriously wants to do it enough that I believe him, so I finally registered us for the race today! I’m super excited! We have also discussed doing some lengthy bike rides and some other local charity-type walk/runs (for example, the 5K run for the Bullies they have in Harrisburg) together, so you can probably look forward to more posts about joint ventures into fitness with my husband 🙂

Note: we want to wear Thanksgiving themed costumes so I need ideas, pronto! Don’t make me spend 15 hours on Pinterest trying to learn how to make a DIY pilgrim hat!

*To all of you who are suddenly panicking for me because I am going to South Carolina but have mistakenly chosen a race in North Carolina, don’t worry, I am well aware. Kris’s parents live on the border. His dad works in Charlotte! I promise it is nearby!


4 thoughts on “Holidays and Family Fun!

  1. Also check out Target. Last year they had hats that looked like a live turkey and a cooked bird. Those would be good!

    I did a Turkey Trot last year and had a blast! Someone had a full on turkey suit on.

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