Happy Belated Halloween/Food Friday

First of all, I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

Mine almost turned out poorly but instead turned out great.

You see, I had been planning to be Leslie Knope, but the blond wig I found in my mom’s basement wasn’t going to work out (too frizzy). I looked for a wig, and of course found some options, but they were all like >$20 and I didn’t want to pay so much for something that I was just going to take off (I hate wearing things like that on my head). I wasn’t going to dress up at all, but we were going out to the bar, so I felt a little disappointed in that decision. I wound up finding some flapper costume accessories at Goodwill for less than $2, though, so I was able to pair them with some stuff I already had to make a fairly good costume.

But then, when we got to the bar, it was pouring rain and there was a HUGE line (like, extending out maybe 100 yards). They were already so full that they were only letting people in as people came out, and one of my friends wasn’t even in costume, so we weren’t sure that even if we got to the door if they would let us in. We decided to go to another bar instead, which turned out great! This bar has been around for awhile but recently relocated they have the best (read: most unhealthy) food and the servers/bartenders/owner are all really nice so I like to go there but the old place was crowded and dirty. I am happy to report that the new place has a much better atmosphere and I will be going there much more!

Here is a picture of me as a flapper:


Sorry all I ever have is low quality selfies 😦
Also yes, I ended up taking off the headband.

On to “Food” Friday. I didn’t try any new recipes or new exciting foods this week. In fact, the only thing I “tried” was a failure. I bought some frozen salmon a couple of weeks ago and I have been trying a bunch of ways to cook it, but I keep failing miserably and it’s super gross. Mostly, I overcook it. I’ve tried just grilling it plain (most successful, but bland); marinating it in teriyaki and grilling it (either soggy from marinade or overcooked); and baking it with some garlic and lemon juice (WAY overcooked). It is really bringing back memories of when I first moved out and was a horrendous cook. The things I could make were basically grilled cheese, spaghetti, and frozen pizza. I’m so used to being a half decent cook now that I forgot what it was like to be so bad at it, and I am not enjoying this. I think it will be awhile before I attempt salmon again, because it has just be SO BAD.

A big reason that I have pretty much nothing new and exciting this week to discuss is that I’ve been eating the same old things for breakfast/lunch/snacks (pb&j, oatmeal, nuts, fruit, string cheese etc.) and then blowing my “diet” at dinner/in the evening. On Monday, I saw someone post on Facebook that a bunch of local pizza places were having a deal where a large one topping pizza was $5 so I got one. Even though I was full after 2 pieces, I had 4, and they weren’t even that good. It was from Papa Johns and kind of greasy so I really regret it. Then, on Tuesday, I went out for all you can eat tacos. I don’t regret this – it wasn’t really as much of an overindulgence as the pizza, because I ran quite a bit and was planning on eating them – but I was so full I was sick and in pain afterwards. I’ve slightly overeaten a lot lately, but it has been a very long time since I overate to the point of discomfort and it always reminds me why I should just not do that!

Back to all the overeating lately – for some reason, I am still struggling with this. I thought it would improve after I finished my half marathon, but it really hasn’t. It’s not a TON of overeating, but I am definitely going just a bit beyond my calories several days a week. I think a large reason I have not been able to get more disciplined is that my weight hasn’t gone up at all since I started school, even though this has been a problem since I returned. I do really well until the evening, and then I think “oh, it’s just this one day this week.” But then, I do it 3 more times that week, which is the problem. I really wish I could figure out why this is giving me so much trouble lately. I guess it is just one of the many setbacks I will have in maintenance – I can’t expect to be “perfect” forever.

Hopefully I will have some more exciting foods to talk about next week – I am planning on making the black bean quinoa chili again, so I might tweak that and report on what happens!



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