My Run in the “Fall Foliage”

I had a fairly productive day today. I edited about 15 pages of a paper, started a sewing project – I did end up sewing through my finger once, though 😦 – did my laundry, and ran 8 miles. What a Sunday!

I had planned to run more than 8 miles, though. That is, after all, my “minimum” long run (can guarantee it will take more than an hour). I ran 8 miles last week since it had only been a week since my half marathon but I was hoping to bump it up to 9 or 10 miles today.

I wasn’t really feeling running when I woke up, and decided to put it off until the afternoon when it would be warmer (though not too warm – it is only getting up to about 50 here so perfect running temps). When I finally got out there, I felt great, and started out rather fast. The weather was beautiful and I was finally not sore from lifting anymore (though I do have a weird bruise on my back from the stationary bike at the gym). Then, I encountered this:

The leaves haven’t even turned?!


A GIGANTIC tree – seriously, this beast was like 3 feet in diameter – had fallen across the path. There was a bit of a path forged to the side and all of the bewildered people on the path were sort of half jogging/half running around it. I’m mostly annoyed because who knows how long it will be until they clean it up and that means I can’t take the long way home on my bike commute. I’ve also shortened my route to the school (I adjusted to a less steep hill I can actually ride up) so this will reduce my mileage even more 😡

In contrast, Kris and Belle went to a local park today and here is the picture they sent me of their adventure:

Pennsylvania is such a beautiful state. I know others are equally or more beautiful, but I think it is underrated.

When I had to stop for the tree, I felt very woozy. Maybe I should have just turned around and called it a day at that point (it was just under 2 miles in). Afterwards, I developed a terrible headache. I decided that if I hit 3 miles and the headache hadn’t gone away, I would turn around and just do a 6 mile run. Fortunately, the headache did go away, but every time I would stop, I would get the woozy feeling again. The only thing I could think of was that I hadn’t really eaten much. I ate a small breakfast because I knew I would be hungry for lunch early (daylight savings time really screws with me) but I have run this far fasted before, so who knows.

There was no way I was going to push myself for more than 8 miles, though! I’m really glad I didn’t, actually – by the time I got back to the fallen tree (I did 4 miles out and back) I was so tired I almost fell walking through the downed branches. If I hadn’t been almost 2 miles away still I might have walked, but I knew I would get home to food faster if I ran. Weirdly, I wasn’t even that hungry the rest of the day. I had a piece of taffy right after my run for a sugar boost, one of those Emerald nut/berry/granola things, some chili, and then some ice cream for dessert. I didn’t even eat as much as I do on some days with much less strenuous workouts! Who knows what was wrong with me today – maybe I should have taken the fallen tree as a sign!


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