Food Friday

I don’t have too much food to talk about this week. Lots of PB&J, oatmeal with raisins, and those little emerald nut packs. I am making that black bean quinoa chili again, but I already talked about that once so it’s not very exciting. However, I did try three pumpkin items (because of course I did):

  • Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Coffee. Not my favorite of their flavored coffees (that title goes to chocolate donut), but perhaps this is just because it burnt my tongue this morning 😦
  • Buffalo Bill’s Brewery Pumpkin Ale. This and the next item were luckily tried last night, giving me something to talk about without much effort on my part. I really liked this pumpkin beer. Not as sweet as Traveler’s Shandy; not as beer-like as Blue Moon’s. In terms of sweetness, my friend who only likes shandys does not approve, for comparison’s sake. Then again, I love beer, so I’m cool with that.
  • Turkey Hill Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream. Not only do I love everything pumpkin, but I also love everything Turkey Hill. I really like this because it had cinnamon graham cracker crumbs in it, and most other pumpkin ice creams seem to have nothing mixed into them – they are just pumpkin flavors. I would still say the Edy’s  I tried a couple of weeks ago is almost as good, though, especially considering that the Turkey Hill has almost twice as many calories.

I also thought that while I was on the topic of food, I would take some time to talk about an “experiment” I’m doing. I use the term “experiment “loosely – I am trying out something new, but it isn’t TECHNICALLY an experiment, and, as an instructor of a research design course, I would not give a student points for labeling my actions an “experiment.” This discussion of proper use of the word “experiment*” should be your warning that shit’s about to get boringly nerdy here, by the way.

I’ve been struggling a bit lately with feeling like I’ve been eating “too much.” Even though my weight hasn’t gone up, I feel like I’ve been eating so much food and it makes me feel like I must be doing something wrong and that one day I will just wake up having gained the weight back again. Irrational, I know, but it is really difficult for someone like me who spent over a year losing weight to let myself actually eat enough food. I mean, I don’t feel like I need to eat a super low calorie diet but I just see days on MyFitnessPal adding up to like 2300 sometimes and can’t help but think that’s ridiculous.

So I decided to convince myself it’s ok with statistical evidence. For the month of November, I will be keeping track of how many miles I ran per day; how long that took me; my average pace; whether I lifted or not; whether I biked or not; my total calories; and my net calories. In the end, I am hoping to prove to myself that big calorie deficits = bad paces. I am guessing I will also see that forcing myself to bike and lift in addition to running is actually somewhat detrimental to my paces. This is supposed to help convince me that I am NOT lazy if I just don’t feel like biking to campus one day (especially as it is getting cold). I know that Thanksgiving will mess up my data a bit, but I think it will be interesting to see the results. Already my mind has been blown just by physically seeing my net calories. MFP says how many calories I ate total and how many calories I burnt but it doesn’t actually subtract them for me, so I forget to think of it this way. I see “Oh, I ate 2200 calories and burnt 600” instead of “I only gave my body 1600 calories to use for its normal functions today.” Also, because of some days where I don’t eat a lot, my average calories are lower than I expected. I know part of this is that I’ve been on track most of the week (my worst day was less than 100 calories over), but I really felt like I was messing up more often than I was. Hopefully I learn something interesting by the end of the month.

* Now that I’ve said “experiment” like 18 times, I feel like it is necessary to point out that it took me like 3 years to learn how to spell it. Sometimes the simple things are what really give you trouble. 


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