Food Friday

I finally tried one of the seasonal Clif bars that I ordered a few weeks ago. I am happy to report that pecan pie flavored Clif bars taste yummy. However, I am sad to report that they don’t taste very distinct. It reminded me of white chocolate macadamia nut. Still, if they were a flavor that was available year round, I’d probably buy them. Too bad they don’t seem to sell the seasonal flavors around here.

This week, I also tried two new recipes. One turned out very well, the other turned out kind of meh.

First, I made these amazing butternut squash and black bean enchiladas. I am always looking for new ways to ingest butternut squash because it was the best and as an added bonus these make a great meatless entree. I tweaked a few things (was too lazy for fresh cilantro; made mine like 10x spicier) and they turned out great! They were fairly easy to make, too, other than peeling and cubing the squash which is the only thing I don’t like about butternut squash. The other good thing about these was that I made them the day we were under tornado threat so that helped to distract me/calm me at least a little bit!

The cooking process!

About to go in the oven.

Already to eat! Don’t they look cheesy and yummy?!

My other recipe attempt came from making these enchiladas. I usually use dry black beans rather than canned (cheaper and BPA free) so to make these I had to soak the beans overnight so that I could cook the beans the next morning. I must have been super tired, though, because instead of putting in 1/2 a cup of dry beans to yield 1 1/2 cups total, I put in 1 1/2 dry beans, and ended up with 3 times the beans that I needed. I made myself a black bean-egg breakfast one day and black bean tacos a couple of nights, but still had some. So I decided to try black bean brownies which I have heard of before but never been brave enough to try. It went okay. Here is the recipe, because I blame myself, not the recipe. The brownies this person made look way different than what I ended up with! An added bonus to black bean brownies is that they are gluten free, so I will probably attempt these again for some of my flour-less friends. 

So, what went wrong? First of all, I will note that the brownies taste pretty good considering that they are made out of beans. I used peanut butter instead of chocolate chips in mine and they are quite yummy. They taste like chocolate and peanut butter with a hint of coffee (who knows why, there is no coffee in them). My problem is texture based.  Maybe it is because I used sugar free syrup instead of honey or regular syrup? Maybe it is that I baked them in cupcake cups because I didn’t have an 8×8 pan? Maybe it is because I am impatient and didn’t put them through enough chopping in the food processor? Who knows, but they just feel a bit…grainy? It could also just be me, as I am pretty sensitive to food textures.

I’ll try to pop in for a post or two over the weekend, but if I don’t get the chance, have a good Thanksgiving holiday, everyone! It seems appropriate to wish you a good food-based holiday on a food-based post, anyway 🙂


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