Thanksgiving Break Recap

I technically got back from Thanksgiving break on Sunday, so apologies for procrastinating on putting something up about it. I was just really tired and I’ve been kind of busy this week (the semester is finally wrapping up AND I got an expansion pack for Civilization 5) so I hadn’t gotten around to making a post.

My break started out AMAZINGLY. First, my roommate and I celebrated our own mini-Thanksgiving the night before I left. I think it turned out pretty well considering that I planned it in like one day and made almost nothing from scratch. Except chocolate chip cookie pie (which is unfortunately not pictured). Note: I substitute oatmeal for the nuts, which is the best way to make this recipe. Unless you prefer nuts, which is ok, I guess. Also – warning: NOT HEALTHY AT ALL.

Not sure how I did it, but the crescents turned out quite well. And the prepacked marinated turkey was surprisingly good!

The “best” part came next. I had originally purchased a plane ticket to fly into Harrisburg after my classes ended on Tuesday. Now that I had no classes, I was a little disappointed that I would not be getting in to see Kris until 11 pm. Then, I discovered that I could switch my ticket to another time that day for $75 or less. How exciting – a flight was getting into Harrisburg right after Kris was getting off work AND it was free to change to it. I was super excited – but I should have known better. I was flying, after all, which cannot go well. That is the job of the TSA, after all – to make sure everyone has a miserable experience in airports (or at least I think that is their purpose?).

I ended up missing my connecting flight, meaning that I would be stuck in Cleveland for 5 hours until the already delayed next flight left. It was snowing in Cleveland and freezing rain in central/southeast PA (they were cancelling flights into Philly) so I was quite worried about getting stuck in Cleveland. I obviously wound up crying in the airport and eating a bunch of unhealthy food (I had the worst latte and cupcake ever). At least there was a brewery with giant beers nearby!

My awesome dinner at Great Lakes Brewing Company, where I had a beer named after the burning river incident and they inexplicably COVERED my fries in parsley. I mean, everything tasted great, but that was odd.

I did eventually make it home early… at 10 instead of 11. It was pouring rain in Harrisburg and Belle had a panic attack. I’m sure part of it was her exposure to her new safer car harness.

Look how upset she is 😦

I was also really not looking forward to the drive because of the giant snow/rain storm hitting the east coast. Both of our mothers were sending us thousands of panicked text messages not only about whether I was ever going to make it from Cleveland to Harrisburg but about how we probably shouldn’t drive to Charlotte after all this. We went down 95 instead of 81 though (95 is further east) which only added “1” hour to the trip (like 2 or 3 with traffic) and kept us away from the really bad weather in that part of Virginia. We actually never saw snow once (it stopped snowing in North Carolina right around when we crossed the border). We also got to see some interesting sights by going this way, such as 7 cops with people pulled over in a row near Duke and this really weird redneck/Italian/Mexican part of Charlotte (“Guns & Thrift” was near a Mexican grocery store, and “Scottish Plaza” had nothing but Mexican and Italian restaurants and stores with their names in Spanish). There was at least one good part of the drive: the return to civilization (i.e. the east coast) meant the return of Sheetz (Wawas were also present, but they are the worst)!

Coffee and donuts for our road trip! White chocolate mocha and blueberry fritters are pictured.

We did finally make it to South Carolina where we had a lovely time…other than the weather. Of course because we were coming down from up north they had record low temperatures. Look how bundled up Kris and I were for our Turkey Trot:

Freezing in the car after picking up our packets.

At least the Turkey Trot went well other than the temperatures (I actually NEVER got sweaty the whole time because I didn’t thaw out until like mile 2). Kris ran about the furthest he has ever run in one go, and we got to run through this super swanky neighborhood.  The race was also huge! We watched the start of the 8K and it took 5 full minutes for all the runners to pass us near the starting line! They also had nice medals and t-shirts for everyone (sorry no pic, the medal is in Harrisburg and the shirt is dirty). My only “complaint” is that I would have preferred hot chocolate over ice cold water after the race, but I guess I wouldn’t expect a race in Charlotte to plan for that!

We spent the rest of the break mostly just chilling and doing some light black Friday shopping (I got a jacket for myself and some Christmas presents for others; the only thing we bought on super sale was a video game for Kris’s brother). I decided that for the first time this semester that other than the Turkey Trot I would take a short break from working out as well in order to relax. It was nice, except that coupling that decision with Thankgiving/traveling (I always eat poorly with traveling) lead to me being pretty bloaty upon my return. I think I have nothing to fear, though, considering that my weight is back down to normal despite eating pizza almost every day since returning. Plus, buckeyes are always worth it. Luckily, our drive home was uneventful (we were able to take shorter route) and we were able to enjoy a nice date night (sushi!) before I left the next day. Now I just have to drive back in a week!


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