Food Friday

Yesterday, we were supposed to get the first snow storm of the season. It was supposed to begin freezing rain early in the morning and then turn to snow in the afternoon. I was supposed to awake to 4 inches or so of snow on top of ice this morning. There were rumors that they would cancel classes (the last day of classes!). I even had to go to campus to help proctor an exam for a professor who didn’t want to drive in the storm! My roommate had people coming into her retail job to pick up packages for people who couldn’t make it in because of the “storm.” Let’s just say I’m thoroughly confused, though I am quite delighted that our weather has remained non-dangerous. It has been really odd, though – I even rode my bike one day this week because there was a high of 60 degrees!

I’ve gone out to eat/been provided with free food quite a bit this week (yay Indian and pizza), but I do have a few foods to discuss:

  • I arrived on Monday to find these pastries waiting for me in my office. They were a gift from the first year grad student that I mentor. They are super delicious (because I am sure they are pure butter). I’ve never had Middle Eastern pastries before and I must say the simplicity of the nuts and pastry dough is a nice change from the chocolate everything we typically have in American foods.

  • I also tried the peanut butter and jelly version of the Emerald on the Go packs that I really like. I prefer this over the maple ones that I bought because it has a bunch of yummy candied almonds, but I must say that the original breakfast blend remains my favorite.
  • Finally, I attempted to make a vegetable pot pie. It turned out to be kind of meh. I think this is because I used almond milk instead of regular milk and the “gravy” (veggie broth, “milk,” and flour) turned out poorly and tasted a bit sweet. I mostly made this to use up all of the random foods I had around before leaving town next week, though, so it was a success in doing that.

Simmering on the stove…how am I going to fit this into a pie pan?!

Wow, apparently it was just the right size!



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