Snow Day

I got back into Harrisburg yesterday – just in time for a snowstorm today! I’m actually quite surprised because we typically don’t get much snow here. Well, except for our first winter in Harrisburg, during which Snowmaggedon occurred. Of course that was the year I was walking to and from work!

One of my more representative Snowmaggedon pictures.

We were going to go see the Hobbit today, but decided to stay home and work on decorating for Christmas instead (we only left to go to a nearby grocery store because I forgot something for the chili I was making). I wasn’t sure when the snow would start so I almost didn’t run, but after taking Belle for a walk and encountering zero snowflakes around 9:30 am I decided to risk it. I wasn’t the only one by the way – I saw multiple runners out there braving the bad weather! It of course started snowing right when I started to run, but it wasn’t too bad until the end of my run – you can really tell from my splits because I slowed down about 45 seconds per mile! I don’t really mind running in the snow (the bitter cold bothers me more) but like with rain, it makes it difficult to see because it sticks to my glasses. I’m glad I went out even if it was for a relatively short run, though, because I had taken two days off with traveling and was starting to feel quite lethargic.

Here you can see the tiny amount of snow that accumulated during my run (there was no snow on the path before):

We do have a bit more snow now. Here is my street this morning after my run compared to about 30 minutes ago (and we are just really starting to get the heavy snow):

We have been able to enjoy our day inside, though. For breakfast I whipped up some eggnog pancakes and then we made up a batch of quinoa black bean chili (link to recipe). We’ve also been having lots of hot chocolate and beer (porter is wintry even if it doesn’t warm you, ok?). As previously mentioned, we decided today would be a good day to decorate for Christmas, so we turned on the Nightmare Before Christmas and put up our few decorations:

Stockings I made for us last year!

Part of my Christmas town. There should be more, but it appears to be MIA.

Blurry picture of our tree!

Hopefully we can find a way to entertain ourselves the rest of the evening. Stay warm and safe, everyone!




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