This Post is Basically Just Photos of my Dog

I haven’t been able to go running since the snowstorm on Sunday 😦

My city is broke, and the park is therefore covered in ice and snow (because they aren’t spending the money to send someone to shovel it). I really should have brought my ice-spike things for my shoes with me, but “it doesn’t snow much here” so I decided against it. Or maybe I just forgot them. I actually forgot a ton of things :/

The state of my running path yesterday…today there is an addition of about 3 inches of snow!

I’ve been trying to keep up walks with Belle but a major issue has been that there is a barrier of ice over the snow and she has difficulty walking on it because she isn’t heavy enough to immediately break through. You can’t tell from this photo but she basically ran/slid across the ice as fast as possible to get to this spot in the “grass” to do her business then ran/slid right back to the sidewalk. She has realized that the run/sliding is more effective than trying to walk normally so that has been what she is doing. She also gets very cold outside. Unfortunately I can only find this Christmas sweater that doesn’t fit her very well right now and only one of her little dog boots, so I’d feel bad making her walk even now that there is a bit more snow and it’s easier to walk.

It also doesn’t help that this is about the current state of many of our sidewalks:

Yes, that is someone’s driveway plowed into the middle of the sidewalk. And no, they did not shovel any of the sidewalk except where their driveway and the sidewalk happen to intersect. The issue is that I live on a smaller side street that runs parallel to the main street. People with normal sized houses/yards have a house that faces their respective street with the back yards matching up. All of these people have shoveled their sidewalks in front of their houses (in accordance with city laws). “Rich” (ok, they live in the city so they probably aren’t THAT rich) people have houses that face the main street and then their yard extends all the way back to my street, and many have a garage back there. This means that they only cleaned in front of their house and maybe cleaned their driveway but seem to expect some magical snow shoveling fairy to come shovel the sidewalk back there. I might actually get grumpy enough to report them to the city so that they get a $50 fine (the minimum for failure to remove snow).

Sorry for all of the grumping about the lack of snow removal. I’m just mad that I can’t really go running and I really get bored with working out at home, though I have been trying to at least a little bit. At least due to things like holiday shopping and actually having work to do when I am at home I haven’t gone stir crazy yet!


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