Birthday Weekend Adventures

Kris turned 28 yesterday! For his birthday, he got freezing cold weather! Well, he actually got a board game (from me) and money for Warhammer (from everyone else) but I will blame him for the freezing cold weather, anyway.

Look, I know it is winter but it is particularly bad out there. On Thursday night, we had a “bad” snowstorm – just 3 inches, but when your city has approximately zero snow plows that is a problem. Friday morning everything was still covered in snow (due to the lack of plows) so state employees like my husband got a 2 hour delay for work. I’m serious about the no plow thing, by the way. NONE of the streets have been plowed yet. Not even the Penn Dot building was cleared of snow!

So how cold was it? It was also so cold that Belle would barely go outside. She is a wimp in the winter but yesterday she could hardly stand 30 seconds in the backyard without needing to come inside and warm up in a blanket (we were finally able to take a real walk today). Furthermore, while I was walking downtown (had to go deal with the lovely bureaucrats at SSA because I couldn’t find my card) I saw a man in a full-on snowsuit, a big furry hat, waterproof boots and ice spike things walking around and felt like that much gear was probably appropriate. The worst part was that Kris’s car was in the garage (it was misfiring, but everyone is clueless as to what is wrong with it) and we had to walk there to get his car in the cold! Or maybe the worst part is that I can’t run because not only is it snowy but the air is also like 5 degrees. It has warmed up a little but this morning it was still so cold that I couldn’t get the ice out of the wheel wells of my car and it was crunching around in there for quite awhile until it warmed up enough for me to kick it out of there. Yuck!

Despite the unplowed roads, cold weather, the lost social security card, and the mysterious car problems, I think Kris is managing to have a half-decent birthday weekend. I was able to test out my new Kitchenaid making him a cake. For dinner I made a veggie lasagna, then we spent the evening drinking wine and watching Battlestar Galactica. A few notes on the lasagna recipe: I substituted more carrots for the onions; used fresh instead of frozen spinach (so I cooked it with the other veg); and I ran out of eggs so our ricotta was all alone. It still tasted fine.

Preparing to make the cake. Red velvet with cream cheese frosting! Yes, I used a box :/

In the mixer!

Blurry photo of veggie lasagna and garlic bread.

I am happy to report that the Kitchenaid works beautifully. I am excited to use it for many more things in the future! You may notice that there are no FINISHED pictures of the cake, by the way. This is because, as usual, I messed up the cake. No, seriously, I mess it up almost every year. The first year that Kris and I were together my mom and I dropped the whole damn thing on the floor; the first year Kris and I lived in Harrisburg, I burnt it to a crisp – to be fair, it was our first week in the place and I hadn’t used the oven yet (we moved here the day after Christmas in 2009). This year I was icing the cake and JUST when I was doing some finishing touches the icing pulled up in one spot and got red crumbs all over the place. Then, I put the lid on the pan, thinking it was high enough, but it wasn’t, so all the icing stuck to the lid. Oops. It doesn’t even taste that great – the edges were kind of dry. My lack of cake skills is baffling, considering I’m typically a pretty good baker – I can make difficult things like pie crust and sugar cookies with ease, for goodness sake! Ironically, my mother, who is not usually as good at baking as I am (she just doesn’t cook or bake very much – my dad cooked and I baked) is wonderful and making and decorating cakes. Oh well.

Today I am just hanging out here, doing some home workouts, messing around on the internet, and pretending that I am going to finally finish cleaning up the Christmas decorations (at least most are in a bin now) because Kris went to a Warhammer tournament and Belle and I had the place to ourselves all day. Tomorrow might be more exciting – after FOUR years of living in Harrisburg, I think we are finally going to get to go to a day of the farm show (it’s an indoor state fair)! I read there would be a bunny hopping contest tomorrow and now I MUST go. Hopefully I will have a happy report on this occasion tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “Birthday Weekend Adventures

  1. The bunnies sound cute. I wish that I could be in my apartment all weekend, but I have to work instead. Staples doesn’t understand storm warnings apparently.

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