Our PA Farm Show Experience

After four years in Harrisburg, Kris and I finally went to the farm show yesterday!

I think we picked a bad day to go, though – there weren’t really any exciting events going on at the time (we left before the bunny hop). We walked around a bit and it was interesting to see the farm animals for about 10 seconds. It was like “Oh, look, cows! Aren’t they cool!” But then there were just like thousands of cows and the novelty wore off. Kris did get “attacked” (read: sniffed) by a pig, though, which was kind of exciting. It was sort of fun to be baffled by everything because we had no idea what was going on, at least (Why were the sheep sheared? What criteria are they judging the animals on?)  The most interesting thing was probably the “Today’s Agriculture” display where they set up a fake barn and show you how animals “really” live on farms today. I say “really” because I am sure the conditions are not quite as nice in real barns. They had a bunch of cute baby pigs and chickens in there. Some of the booths about agricultural products and the projects from the FFA kids were nice, too.

Snuggly baby piglets! There were baby chicks, too, but my picture of them turned out even worse.
Sheep in sweaters because they had no wool. Cute, but confusing.
Horses all prettied up for a competition of some sort.


Beeswax art?


Gigantic farm equipment (another part of the “Today’s Agriculture” exhibit).

We also ate a lot of food there, though I am not sure that it was worth it. The food is mostly provided by groups that represent different sectors of the agriculture industry (I’m guessing lobbyists). The Dairymen’s Association makes these milkshakes that everyone raves about. There was even 1000 lb butter sculpture dedicated to them! Due to their reputation, I made Kris wait in line for like 15 minutes for one them only to discover that they were mediocre, namely because they just weren’t very thick. It’s cool, though, Dairymen: your fried cheese cubes were pretty good. We also got some fresh cut fries from the Potato Grower’s Association, which I thought were much better (and cheaper). I guess it wasn’t that much food that we chowed down on in retrospect, but due to the milkshake, it sure did destroy my calorie count for the day! This was particularly frustrating because it wasn’t very filling food, either. I ate like 600ish calories too many yesterday and still felt starving because most of what I ate was junk food that didn’t fill me up. I really don’t like that experience, so let’s just say that I will probably never have another farm show milkshake.

The butter sculpture. Apparently after the farm show the butter will be converted to “energy.” What does that even mean?

After the farm show (well, really, just before we were leaving) we started having freezing rain, which made the drive home in the nightmarish traffic a lot of fun (I really really hate driving in snow and ice, even if I’m “good” at it). It’s warmed up a bit today but when I took Belle for a walk I discovered that the sidewalks are still really slushy and in some places icy so I just had to work out at home again. It is supposed to be super cold tomorrow so that is probably what will happen then, too. It’s so frustrating in the winter to not be able to run. I feel like a wimp choosing not to run but I know I would just end up hurting myself and being miserable, so I don’t go. At least I am getting in my goal to do more strength training since my home workouts are always a mix of cardio and strength. Hopefully the condition of the sidewalks will improve this week so that I don’t get zero miles in!


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