My First DNS

Yesterday, I had signed up to run a virtual 5K. I mentioned in my Food Friday post that I might not be able to run or even walk it due to the weather. Kris has been sick since Thursday, and I would have been bored on a 3 mile walk by myself, but I might have pushed myself to do it had I not woke up feeling somewhat under the weather as well.

I tend to not get as sick as other people (amusing, considering that I was a child that feared getting dirty, so I have no idea where my strong immune system came from), but I wanted to make sure I didn’t push myself too hard and end up as sick as Kris. Right now I just have a runny nose and a slight sore throat and a bit less energy, and I’d prefer it if I didn’t end up worse – Kris was so tired that he spent most of yesterday sleeping and was snoring so loudly due to his stuffy nose that I couldn’t even sleep in the bed with him!

I’m not sure if I could have walked the whole distance even if I tried – we walked over to the library (about 1 block) to put my incredibly weird vegetarian cookbooks in the book drop and even that was a chore for the three of us: Kris came along in case there was no outdoor book drop to hold Belle, and was incredibly out of it and fatigued; Belle’s paws kept getting salt on them and hurting; and the cold was affecting me very badly and making my nose run even more. I was very glad that Belle and I weren’t out trying to trudge around in the snow, ice, and wind for a whole hour.

I’ve never not started a “race” before (fyi: DNS stands for “did not start”). I keep trying to make myself feel better by reminding myself that it was a virtual race that was just for fun anyway, and that I would not have been able to run it fast due to the weather and my inability to get any running in lately.It’s hard to do that though when all things fitness have been going poorly for me lately. My part-time job really messes up my eating schedule and tempts me to eat unhealthy food (mostly breadsticks), and I can’t afford to join a gym so it’s nearly impossible for me to run right now. I’m tired of doing the same 20 minute workout at home and I really feel demotivated and like I’m rolling back all of the hard work that I did last year. I don’t feel too badly about specifically not starting the race, but about how it fits into the “big picture” – this virtual 5K was supposed to be a bit of a bright spot for me during my winter workout rut. 

It doesn’t help that my life in general is pretty stressful, which is making the fitness problems seem even worse.On top of my ability to finish my PhD being completely uncertain right now, I’m afraid I’m blowing all my job interviews for full-time positions. I should be happy that I am getting so many interviews so quickly but because of my worrisome nature, I keep overthinking the interviews and assuming I they went terribly.

Kris’s car also basically exploded this week and we are trying to procure a different one. Normally, this would be happy – we had been looking forward to trading in our two cars and going down to a single car once I moved back this summer anyway – but the desperate situation and poor timing are messing it up. Kris’s car has almost no value due to basically needing the entire engine rebuilt (and it was a low-value economy car anyway); my car has a much lower value than I anticipated because it has been in three collisions; and my income has been cut by taking a part-time job. The car we are getting will be NICER than mine (I’ll post about it after we have it) but I am sad to lose out on the whole “car shopping experience” where we get to carefully go over all of our options and pick the perfect car for us. Instead we are in a situation of begging the salesperson at the garage where we were getting it repaired to please sell us something, anything in our price range.

That all sounds very #firstworldproblems, though. I should focus on what I do have going for me: Kris still has a good job where he won’t be punished for his medical issues (we ❤ you union); we have good health insurance and while we have not gone to the doctor for our colds, it would be no hardship for us to do so; I was able to find some sort of job, even if it is “just” as a waitress at a pizza place, within the first week of my job search; we will have a vehicle that is much nicer than any other vehicle we have owned, even if it is not new and shiny the exact perfect car for us; and we have a heating system that works well and is keeping us toasty during this bitterly cold winter 🙂

Here is to hoping this coming week is more positive – I am getting a “new to me” car, after all!


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