Winter? Guess it’s Time for Workout Videos

A few weeks ago, I signed up for a fitness buddy on r/xxfitness and had almost completely forgotten. I finally messaged my buddy yesterday and was complaining about my winter workout woes. At first, she didn’t know what to recommend – she apparently lives in one of those typically warm southern states or something. She then had a great idea – workout videos! I was also pushed towards this choice by Amazon Prime Instant video, which chose yesterday to remind me that I haven’t been using my instant video privileges and that there are a bunch of workout videos on there. It was like the stars had aligned!

I used to do workout videos all the time when I was first trying to lose weight. I still remember the first time I tried the 30 Day Shred. It was maybe 1-2 months after I started my weight loss journey and I had gotten up to running a whole 5 minutes in couch 2 5k. Surely if I could run for 5 minutes I could do 6 minute circuits…or so I thought. I think I texted Kris halfway through the first circuit to tell him I was afraid I was going to pass out and to come check on me if he didn’t hear from me in half an hour. I then laid on the bed, unable to move, for quite some time and did not reattempt it until the fall. I think it was in October/Novemberish of that year that I was finally able to get through all 3 levels in 30 Days, and I haven’t really used workout videos much since then due to running or having gym access instead.

This puppy is better at mountain climbers than I was.

I don’t have a lot of home equipment  – a yoga mat, steps, and some 5 lb weights – so videos that make use of very minimal equipment. The Jillian Michael’s videos are perfect for this. She does bother me a little bit with some of the comments she makes about how women’s bodies should be or assuming how we want them to be, but they are good workouts and I know she is pandering to an audience who predominantly wants her to say those things. Today I tried her “Banish Fat Boost Metabolism” video. The title alone annoys me – doesn’t all exercise help you to burn body mass but also build muscle (thereby boosting metabolism)? It had great reviews on Amazon, though, and requires no equipment at all, so I decided to go with it.

I would actually highly recommend this video. As with all of her videos, it is a very good mix of strength and cardio, which I enjoy doing to avoid boredom. It is REALLY long and I almost did get bored, but I felt worse giving up on the video than I would have after say 20-30 minutes of circuit training on my own. I had to make it to the cooldown, not fast forward! If a 45 minute workout isn’t your thing, though, you could probably easily shorten this by skipping 1 or 2 of the SEVEN circuits (some are easier, some are harder). I was really glad that I did it because it really kicked my ass, even though it should not have. I mean, I’ve run for far longer than 45 minutes…45 minutes of jump squats and crunches should be a cinch, right? Again, I underestimated the video. I am super sore was out of breath, sweaty, and half-assing some moves halfway through. Anyone seeing a pattern?

Even if I have workout videos to keep me in shape, I am hoping to get back outside soon. I feel like such a baby complaining about the snow, cold, and wind, but even Belle drug me home after about 2 blocks today when I tried to take her for a “real” walk. It was just too windy for her, apparently!


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