Snow Daze

The last few days have been a mess. Sunday night we went to bed with warnings that we would receive quite a lot of snow overnight into the next morning. When we woke up in the morning, it was already snowing, and the weather reports were calling for snowfall of 1-2 inches per hour. Kris already had a 3 hour delay for his office building, and later in the day they cancelled work for all state employees.

I was nervous because I had a job interview, but I figured that if the roads were bad enough, they would cancel (because the employees of the organization would not be going to work), and that even if I had to go in it was only 5 miles away and I had four wheel drive. It turned out that they had to go in to work that day because they had an event later in the day (when the weather would be better) that they needed to prepare for so I ventured out. Kris went with me in case I got stuck, but it went rather well. I think it helped that it wasn’t really icy at all.

Around lunchtime the weather improved quite a lot and Kris, Belle, and I were actually able to go and enjoy the snow! It was weird because Belle normally HATES snow but she LOVED this snow – probably because it was quite warm out (right at freezing) and it was the perfect snow for packing. She made us run with her through the park (you will see from my pics how much of a workout this was) and she was even chasing snowballs that Kris was throwing! There were a lot of snowmen being made out there, but unfortunately I didn’t get any very good pictures of them to post.

Kris shoveling in the morning – it snowed so much more after this that I almost forgot he shoveled!

I am standing on the running path in the park in this photo. Belle insisted we run on it.

I thought this photo was neat. The snow covered “field” in this photo is the river – you can’t even tell it is a river!

I was supposed to be off at the pizza place on Monday, but, surprise surprise pretty much everyone called off. You know when you are driving on the highway and you see a long driveway going up a mountainside into the woods and you pity the person who has that driveway in the winter? Yeah, apparently all of my coworkers live in those houses and only the ones with giant trucks can make it out. The manager called me in because she was the “only” one there – note that she meant the only one to wait on customers; a cook and a driver had made it in.

I only live about 2 miles from the restaurant so it was no big deal for me to go in Monday, but little did I know that I would end up working 4 days in a row because of this snow! Originally I had only been scheduled to work Tuesday and Wednesday. I ended up going in on Monday from 3 until near close; and then yesterday we had someone preemptively call off for today, so I will be working 5-close tonight, too. Then I have only 1 day off before a 10 hour shift on Saturday! At least I will be making lots of money?

On top of the snow that we got yesterday, late on Tuesday night it began to sleeting/freezing rain. We woke up Wednesday morning to find the city coated in about 2 inches of ice, which was actually a lot worse than all of the snow. Even I considered calling off of work, but Kris really only had a 3 hour delay this time (to be fair, it did stop freezing after the sun came up), so it made no sense to drive the whole way to his office and back but not to the pizza place, which is closer. When I got there at 1, the store manager was literally the only one there this time, and even she had been late – after all, she does live on one of the aforementioned driveways (and was not even supposed to be working, but had a better vehicle than anyone else for the ice).

She and I ran the whole place by ourselves until about 4ish, when a manager from another store who lives downtown came in, and then at 5 two other people came in and that was it (I stayed until 8:30, we close at 10). We weren’t too busy but we were for the level of staff that we had, especially because there is some big gun enthusiast festival thingy in town and they were all coming to eat pizza. The most amusing part of this is that people kept calling for delivery. Since we had no delivery driver, we had to tell them it was carry out only. Then they would reveal that they couldn’t come get carry out because their car was stuck in their driveway! Now, I will admit to ordering a pizza or two in the snow before, but what makes a person think that if they can’t get in and out of their own driveway that some guy in what is probably a crappy old car (remember – they deliver pizza for a living) is going to be able to handle it? It’s not so much rude as it is baffling.

This is the condition of our street, by the way. Yes, there is a street under all that ice! It’s a little better now, but I still had to go help push someone’s car down the street in the middle of writing this blog post. Don’t drive rear wheel drive in the winter, folks.

Obviously this weather is keeping me from running outside AGAIN. I can hardly believe it was in the 50s last weekend. This has been the most brutal winter since we moved to Harrisburg in the 09/10 winter when “Snowmaggedon” (if you don’t remember it, it shut down most of the east coast for several days) occurred. I can’t wait for it to be over. I’m ok with listening to Jillian Michaels pretend that I can spot reduce fat, but I want to start training for my 10 mile race I am planning on in March. I had been planning to start following a specific training plan next week, but we are supposed to get more snow this weekend so I doubt that is going to happen. I will just have to see how in shape I am by the time that the snow melts and hope that I am able to run 10 miles at all by then.


2 thoughts on “Snow Daze

  1. Yeah……. I’ve totally ordered delivery on crappy weather days. 😦

    It’s kind of sad something so pretty is so inconvenient and potentially dangerous (or at least can cause potentially dangerous situations). Those pictures of the path and stuff, they’re almost magical……..

    • Oh man, the walk in the park was BEAUTIFUL! And don’t feel too bad about ordering pizza in general – as the guys at work say “this is what I signed up for.” It’s actually really annoying if you are a tipped employee sitting around waiting for orders and thinking about how all you will get for that shift is pennies (because you are probably going to make it up later in the week). So as long as your roads are PASSABLE it is probably ok to order in. I’m really commenting on people that think a delivery driver has a magical power that allows him to drive on impassable roads.

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