Happy Belated Birthday!

I learned my lesson in regards to neglecting the blog…go away for a couple of days, and miss its first birthday, which was apparently February 25. Oops! To be fair, I did say in the first post that I am not very good at keeping up with blogs.

I thought in honor of the blog’s first birthday, I’d share some interesting and/or amusing stats with you as well as reflect a bit on how I have changed over the last year.

Some stats:

  • Total views: 12,134
  • Top day for views: June 18, 2013 with 2,217 views (linked from runsforcookies.com Motivational Monday post)
  • Top 5 countries for views: USA, Canada, Sweden, New Zealand, and the UK
  • Most viewed post: Race Report: Double Creek Half Marathon with 1,268 views

Some noteworthy searches that brought people here:

  • “homemade running fuel” is the top thing that brings people beyond the blog’s actual name, which I find interesting because I’ve only talked about possibly using it, not made my own or anything.
  • Runners up: “tempo run 2” and “I ran a half marathon now what.” The second one makes sense; the first one would make sense, but why the “2,” and why have more people searched for “tempo run 2” than “tempo run” and found this blog
  • Strangest searches that have led to this blog: “there were two girls want to shovel our driveway but i am hesitant to let them” and “sheetz belles cocker spaniel,”
  •  Favorite bad grammar search: “why arnt there no pigs at pa farm show 2014”

Looking back at my early posts to reflect was interesting. It seems like last year at this time I was struggling with some of the same things, like working out despite the weather. I was also doing better at certain things, like planning ahead for days where I might overeat during the week.

I would like to note that I have changed a lot in terms of fitness and maintenance in the last year. I think I weigh about 5 lbs more, but I am way stronger and have made other huge fitness accomplishments, like finishing 2 half marathons. I’ve also faced some major fears – last year I was scared to run my first 5K and I was terrified of treadmills. – but now I’ve run several races and I wish I had a treadmill or a gym membership so that I didn’t have to go out in the cold!

I’ll end with an update on Misty the cat: she went to the vet yesterday and received a clean bill of health! She traveled well in the car, but did not like it very much when either the vet or I touched her tummy and scratched us both. Hopefully I did not have the most embarrassing animal of the day yesterday!

Misty accepting her fate now that she is in the carrier.

Oh, and fun story about the carrier: I forgot to buy one when I was at Walmart (or they possibly didn’t have one?) so I was running around everywhere trying to find one. I couldn’t find one at any of the stores I went to, so I finally relented and went to PetSmartCo (not sure which one) like 10 minutes before they closed. I luckily found a pretty nice one on clearance…but then their computer system crashed. I felt super bad because I had to keep everyone like 10 minutes after close to buy the damn thing. Then, the second I offered to buy a temporary cardboard one and leave them cash for it (I only had like $9 on me) the system came back up! At least I got a lot of compliments on how nice her carrier was at the vet.

Send Misty good vibes! She is sore and lethargic from all of the vaccines and has been laying in this spot since like 6 pm last night 😦 Don’t worry TOO much, though, she has been becoming more active (read: has shifted on the blanket and eaten) this afternoon.


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