My Sedentary Job Plans

Today started out with pancakes, veggie sausage (side note: it is so much better than veggie bacon that Kris thought it was real sausage) and a NINE mile run! I haven’t run that far since before my half marathon in October so I was pleasantly impressed with myself. It wasn’t my best run ever nor my worst; I decided to go run the 5K loop at a local park three times for a change of scenery and to add in some hills, which made the run more difficult.

Kris and Belle came along to walk the path while I ran it, hoping that taking some time to go on extra trails would have them finishing up around the same time as me. Unfortunately, Belle hurt her paw somehow (it isn’t swollen and we cannot see any cuts or foreign objects, but she can’t walk on it), which put a bit of a damper on our outing. I am hoping she starts to feel better in a day or two!

Anyway, I mentioned in my last post that I am going to be starting a new job that is going to be far less active than my current one as a server at a restaurant. I am excited (but also nervous) to report that I am starting tomorrow at 8 am! Kris and I have been practicing getting up and getting ready for a 7:30ish departure time all week. I should submit this as evidence that I did not lie during my interview when I said that I am a person who always tries to plan ahead and be prepared!

The key pros: not smelling like grease, having regular hours, earning a regular income (instead of, you know, being subject to having random people act nice the whole meal and then leave you 16 cents), and actually making use of all that college I paid for. The main con: sitting on my ass all day long. I am trying to use the structured schedule to my advantage, though – it is going to be much easier to plan, plan, plan for all of my exercise and nutrition needs and not be subject to needing to randomly eat breadsticks due to imminent starvation after being asked to stay later than planned (totally not an exaggeration).

Here are my preliminary plans for staying active and healthy at my sedentary job:

  • Bike or walk to work as much as possible. This will actually be more convenient than driving as the office is less than 2 miles from my house and has a gym!
  • Take advantage of actually having breaks to go on walks, stretch, etc.
  • Pack healthy lunches and snacks! I stocked up on baby carrots, protein bars, fruit, and PB&J this weekend in preparation!
  • Stick to my normal exercise regimen – try not to let “I’m too busy” be an excuse, especially with a gym at the office.

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