Springtime Cycling

So, this is my first spring with a bicycle. So far it’s been an interesting experience.


  • Can ride to my new job less than 1.5 miles away very easily. I can even come home at lunch!
  • It’s spring so I don’t get sweaty.
  • Can take long bike rides with Kris. We rode 15 miles around the Gettysburg Battlefield this weekend!

I tried to find one from my fist trip to Gettysburg, but this one, taken only a month later, will suffice. It was hard back then to walk around at the car stops, let alone bike 75% of the route! Side note: we went to Gettysburg that first time on the 4th of July and Kris wore an ENGLAND shirt. My parents bought him a shirt with a picture of the US as an American flag as a present afterwards.

  • Can get in exercise despite my crazy overtime schedule.
  • Will hopefully be able to up my cycling endurance by starting out earlier in the year.


  • Other people. Ok, maybe I should be more specific…
  • Cars are still overly confused. Today a guy trying to pull out of a parking space would have hit me had I continued down the road like normal. Then, still unaware that I existed, the man stopped in the middle of the one-way street. I’m not sure why he even got out of the parking space, to be honest. I had to dismount and carry my bike around him. He finally noticed and got out of the car to apologize! This is just the weirdest story – people aren’t used to bikes right now so they are driving super unpredictably and dangerously around me compared to usual.
  • It’s “amateur” season. All the people who don’t normally go out in the park for recreation are out there. They are unaware that being hit by a bicycle is unpleasant and that standing 5 people wide in order to take up a whole path is rude. At least this problem disappears, unlike the previous problem, which only decreases slightly, once it actually gets hot out.
  • In general, there are just more people outside. They try to talk to me. Some guy may have scammed me out of $5 today…or he may have really had a flat tire. Some guy last week may have just been helpfully telling me that the air in my rear tire was low (I was already aware)…or he may have been strangely cat-calling me. The point is that the nice thing about cars is that you can roll up the windows and avoid contact with the outside world.
  • Oh, that reminds me of a pro. When I first moved here, I walked to work. Now that I bike, I can at least get away from the people faster!



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