My (not so) Triumphant Return to Fitness

You may (or may not have, I mean, after all you probably stopped checking by now…) have noticed that I haven’t been on this blog in several months. I was a bit overwhelmed with starting my new full-time job and I had to pull back on my exercise a bit. In general, I haven’t been exercising as much or really eating right and I’ve been somewhat in denial about it. I am still the same “size,” after all… and I did always want to see what would happen if I stopped tracking my food consistently… so I convinced myself to let things slide.

Well, a few things got me back into gear. To be honest, I never really completely stopped all my good habits. I still tracked food the majority of days (most weeks), and still went running 4 days a week (most weeks) and still got a long bike ride in on the weekends (most weeks). Notice a pattern here? The problem is that “most weeks” isn’t really good enough, unless “most” means something more like 90% than 50%, which in my case it did not.

Recently, a few things made me realize that I needed to get “back” on track (the quotes are because I was never completely off…I was just sort of going really slowing):

  • I started training for a half, and realized I have run two half marathons faster than I can currently run 3 miles (pace per mile)
  • 5 miles seems like a long run (rather than my normal midweek run)
  • I convinced myself it was ok not to track food for like, a week (even though there weren’t really special occasions)
  • I gained 5 lbs (that is 1 lb per month I have worked at an office)

The good news is that I have a few things going for me, and some plans going forward. I have still been running and biking fairly regularly, for example. I have also logged everything I ate for the past 2 days (a weekend!) and been within my calorie limits…and actually eaten non-corn vegetables (hey, it’s summer, the three food groups are corn, ice cream, and beer, right?).

Going forward, I’ve decided a first step is to return to blogging. It’s difficult to blog when you feel like you are doing poorly and not making progress, which is a major reason I quit blogging. That just led to a downward spiral, however – I didn’t blog because I was making poor choices, and I made poor choices because I didn’t have to write about them if I wasn’t blogging. I also ordered a fitbit…I’ll write more about that when I get it, but the short version is that I think it will be a good motivating device now that my lifestyle has clearly changed to be that of a person with a sedentary office job.

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