FitBit Week 1 – “HOLD ME CHELSEA”

Sorry I’m about a day late with this post – I was busy running 4 miles in the 88 degree 90000000% humidity last night. But I have a lot to say about my first week with my FitBit, so I wanted to make sure I posted my experience, even if it is a whole day late (to be excused during the first week of the semester, right??)

The good:

  • Still mostly the data. I love seeing all the data!
  • Seeing how many steps I really do take. I am a lot more active than I expected, especially with this new office job. I have been walking over the 10,000 step goal almost every day (did not meet goal on Monday rest day). I walked over 50 miles in the last week! This could also be bad, though, because always feel like I’m bragging when I talk about it at work. Like, someone will be like “I took 9,000 steps yesterday!” and someone else will be like “Wow, that’s so many! Way more than I took!” and I’m just hiding in my cube trying not to bring up that I took 22,000 steps like an asshole.
  • The ease of syncing (although more on this later….). Overall it works super well with MyFitnessPal and RunKeeper. I still think it’s calorie count is a little high for me, but we will see. I am trying to lose that five lbs I gained anyway, so if I keep “undereating” like the FitBit thinks I am that should not be a problem; if the FitBit is overestimating, I should at least not GAIN weight. At least it will be an interesting experiment!
  • The alarm. I’m very surprised how much a silent vibrating alarm can wake you up. Also, I have been able to get up earlier than Kris while being somewhat less disturbing to his sleep (I’m still loud and clumsy, but at least there isn’t an alarm on top of all my noise!).

The bad:

  • I am not a particularly huge fan of how it can be difficult to separate which activities you were doing at a particular time. Like, when did my walk with Belle start and end? All I see is the number of steps I took in each 15 minute interval.
  • Sometimes, despite the ease of syncing, the graphs on my phone will not update to reflect the numbers on my actual dashboard.
  • Can’t brag about my millions of steps, as already mentioned 😥
  • I really wish it had a heart rate monitor, although I doubt I’d wear it anyway (main reason I haven’t shelled out money for a new GPS watch – I never use that very expensive part of it anyway).

The just plain confusing:

  • The greetings.
  • I’m still perplexed by the flower. I never know why it is big or small at any given time.

Fun story related to the greetings: the other day, I was having trouble getting my FitBit to sync to my phone. I was trying everything – restarting my phone, attempting to figure out how to restart the FitBit (side note: this fixed it), moving the FitBit closer to my phone, cycling through all of the screens, etc. Every time I set it down and picked it back up all it would say was “HOLD ME CHELSEA.” Kris and I are convinced this thing is my overly attached girlfriend. I mean, I should have known, it watches me sleep. By the way, when it started working again, it started saying normal things like “WOOT! CHELSEA.” Ok, maybe just normal in comparison to “hold me/hug me.”

Now, on to some fun screenshots!

There are two large green areas – first is a walk with Belle, the second is a 3 mile run. I think it’s interesting the dog walk is almost as intense!

I sleep pretty well and at pretty consistent times, I’d say. Please note the large pink area at 2:30 in the morning last night when some neighbors decided it was appropriate to argue in the middle of the street 😡 On a lighter note, you can see where I forgot to turn it off of sleep mode when I woke up Wednesday morning.

Here is why you use appropriate axis on graphs. Monday looks ridiculously low compared to the other days. Per the FitBit, I still burnt over 2,000 calories!


5 thoughts on “FitBit Week 1 – “HOLD ME CHELSEA”

  1. Gloria says:

    The flower shows your activity at a given time. It grows when you’re a active like riding your bike, running, etc. and shrinks when you’re not (like sitting at your desk. So it’ll be super big right after activity but shrink again. Hope this helps! Glad you’re blogging again!

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