Gettysburg Blue Gray Half Marathon Race Report

It wasn’t my fastest race ever, but I finished it! I at least met my goal of finishing in under 2:10, squeaking by with a 2:07:?? (I don’t remember the seconds, it’s not like it was a PR or anything).

Ready to go before the race!

Finishing the race. Apparently I was distracted. I wanted to post a hilarious picture of me taken by the race photographer at mile 12 looking like I’m about to die but it won’t let me link to it 😦

Overall, my impression of the race was good. The race didn’t have a lot of frills – no food/gels on the course (great food afterwards!), very few “extras” given out – but for $60, I wasn’t really expecting too much. Besides, the shirt was fairly nice (unfortunately I don’t have a picture, and it’s dirty, but it’s a long sleeve tech tee), the medals are pretty cool, and, because the “North” won, I got a free coffee mug! Yes – you read that right – the race allows you to pick whether you are running for the North or the South, and then whichever side wins gets free coffee mugs! This was actually one of the number one reasons I signed up for this race.

I would say the only thing I did not like about the race (of factors that could be controlled) was its location. Rather than being in a historic area or taking complete advantage of the countryside, it was about 1/3 on country roads, 1/3 in random residential areas, and 1/3 on a busy road where we had to run nearly single file on. Ok, maybe less than 1/3 was like that, but it was still annoying. On the plus side, the race course was easy to follow because it was essentially a rectangle, and, for once, it was described as rolling hills, and was actually a course of several small, rolling hills rather than random mini-mountains.

I really have no complaints other than the weather – while warm and sunny, it was INCREDIBLY windy, but they obviously had no control over that. They actually handled it well – apparently the timing device blew over during the 5K and they still managed to only miss a few times using that method (they used photos to provide those individuals with times). It was certainly still better than in the dark, freezing rain, like my last half marathon in October.

By the way, my absolute favorite thing about the race:

Yes, that is a reenactor shooting off the starting gun.


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