Progress Pics

Here are some pictures from when I was gaining, but not yet at my heaviest. I was about 220 in these, taken around the time of my college graduation (May 2010):

Here are a couple from my highest weight, of 240. The first is a picture of me during that second semester of grad school (February 2011), and the second is my official “before” picture (June 2011).

Now for the progress.

Here I am trying on wedding dresses, at about 200 (October 2011):

Here I am at Thanksgiving at about 180 (2011):

Here is an engagement photo at about 185 (around December 2011 – yes, I gained over my first holidays):

Girls’ Night Out around 160-170 (Spring 2012):

Bridal Shower around 145, and where I stopped trying to purposefully lose weight (June 2012):

The Fourth of July, around 140 (2012):

My Wedding! Around 140 (August 2012):

A recent photo, at a wedding at 125 (May 2013):

After finishing my half marathon at 125 (June 2013):


10 thoughts on “Progress Pics

  1. Wow! I admire your bravery in showing your then and now photos and the progression of your weight loss. I wish I were that brave. You looked great then, but you definitely look better now.

    • Thanks!

      I think it helps that I was never really embarrassed or ashamed about being overweight – I know a lot of people avoid having “fat” photos taken or throw them away because they are, but it never really bothered me. In fact, I loved the photos because they show the progress so much more than the scale (I mean look at the difference between me at 140 and 125-130 lbs…only 10-15 lbs but I look way more fit)! Now, my teen goth years on the other hand…yes, those photos have been deleted out of embarrassment!

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