On this page you can find summaries of races that I have run, links to posts about them, and information on my upcoming “goal” races!

Past Races

First 5K ever!

Description: This was a race put on by a student organization at my university to raise money for the Special Olympics.

Time: 26:23

Place: 7th out of the women

Fun Fact: I won a free loaf of bread!

Jay Cooperider Memorial 5K

Description: A pretty big local race that raises money for mental health research and advocacy.

Time: 25:26

Fun Facts: I did not place, but I was only a few seconds behind the 3rd place finisher in my age group. Also, I’m fairly certain the course was too long, so my time might have been better if the length had been more accurate.

Double Creek Half Marathon (First Half)

Description: A simultaneous bike tour and running event taking place in a scenic rural area in central PA. It benefits some community healthcare thing.

Time: 1:57:49

Fun Fact: I had been unprepared for the course to be as hilly as it was, but had prepared for some hills, which gave me an advantages as I was able to run through them (even if I wasn’t happy about it)!

Wabash Heritage Trail Marathon – September 29, 2013

Description: My first trail race and my first race in the rain! I just focused on having a good time and not getting injured.

Time: 1:21:06

Place: “2nd” (out of 2) in my age group

Fun Fact:  I ran 2 whole miles of this course without seeing another person!

Purdue Half Marathon – October 19, 2013

Description: A race on my campus that raises money for a local character development program for underprivileged children (focuses on sports, but has other activities as well).

Time: 1:57:34

“Fun” Fact: The weather was awful.

Charlotte Turkey Trot

Description: It’s a Thanksgiving fun run.

Time: They didn’t actually time us. We walked/ran, so probably about 40 minutes?

Fun Fact: Kris’s 1st 5k! He would probably say “and his last” but I bet I’ll talk him into another!

Upcoming Races

The Gettysburg Blue-Gray Half Marathon

Description: A half marathon in which you choose rather to run for the “North” or the “South!” Whichever side has the fastest finishers wins.

B- Goal: Finish in under 2 hours. Or maybe just even finish…I’ve been quite out of shape lately.

A-Goal: Finish in under 1:55 (not likely, but I’ll still keep it in mind).


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