It’s my Birthday! Yay?

Today is my 24th birthday! It’s not really a particularly exciting age (next year I get cheaper car insurance and a quarter life crisis!), plus summer birthdays suck.

You don’t believe me? Ask Buzzfeed. The TL;DR: #18 – You’re basically just always sweaty and alone. If you have a summer birthday, you should read this, as it is hilarious; if you don’t have a summer birthday, you should still read it, so that you can understand how truly awful our birthdays are. This was sent to me my a friend, who realized how bad summer birthdays are after sharing with me that she felt bad for another friend that their birthday party had not gone well. I told her I was genuinely confused by her comment – more than 2 people had shown up! In fact, a party had existed! What could be wrong with such a party?! Apparently, sitting alone with your parents eating a cake with icing that is melting off while all of your friends are on vacation is not everyone’s typical birthday.  I have seriously had one birthday party in my life, and I think 3 people showed up. AND I HAD A POOL.

At least now I have Kris, who understands because his birthday is January 3rd and also sucks because it never gets separated from Christmas. He isn’t the best at remembering when my birthday is, but he always manages to procure a present for me and takes me out to dinner. I did have to buy my own ice cream cake, though (to be fair, he apparently does not know how to buy one, and he isn’t allowed to drive right now).

And this year, he got me an awesome present!! GUESS WHAT IT IS!!

Did you guess?! No peeking!

It’s a GPS watch!!!

I’m still trying to figure out all of its bells and whistles – there is a lot going on, and it’s (I believe, anyway) a Chinese knockoff so the instructions are minimal. I have figured out how to get it to find a satellite and start recording activity and cycle through all the modes, but it is in metric, has me in the wrong time zone, and thinks I am 27 years old. I was going to test it out and show you all the swanky data it keeps track of (it even came with a heart rate monitor!), but I accidentally deleted the activity instead of saving it. I did practice saving an activity by turning on the watch for a minute and then saving it when I got home, but there wasn’t really any data that came from the watch sitting still on my bed. The data probably would not have been that interesting anyway – since it is soooo hot I haven’t been running (in the early mornings and late evenings it “cools” down to about 90, and I almost puked after running the other night) so I just took it on a short walk with Belle where we went at a speed between 4 and 5 km/hr. Luckily, once I was able to save an activity, I was able to use the attached software to import it into my computer, and software issues seem to be the most common complaint on the Amazon reviews, so I am hoping that it will work out. I’ll give some periodic updates on my opinion of it as I use it more.

Already hot and tired after 5 minutes…at 9:00 am!

Now I’m just going to spend the rest of the day wishing the temperature would go down to at least 80 and moping until Kris gets off work so we can go get some sushi(!!) and eat my ice cream cake.