Good Day

Today is a good day for several reasons:

1) Today is Love you Body Day!

If you don’t want to follow the link, or just want the short version, today is about rejecting the idea that a woman’s value is best measured by the amount that her appearance coincides with current beauty standards. It also focuses on the idea of challenging the exact nature of these standards, which tend to be relevant only to white, able-bodied women*. I love that my body is able to run for two hours straight!

2) Speaking of running, today was the last run before my half marathon! I was able to run an 8:30 pace despite being barely warmed up, so I’m starting to feel hopeful again that I will improve my time at the half on Saturday. We will just have to see!

3) After reading some ridiculous article on Cracked about “food industry lies” yesterday (they had some good points about transparency but most of it was just fear-mongering), I was greeted with this from MyFitnessPal today. I much prefer myth debunking over spinning the truth to scare people, especially when it comes to food and fitness myths!

4) I found some old pics of myself…prepare for a Throwback Thursday!

I hope you all have a good day with love for your bodies, awesome workouts, and freedom from annoying fitness myths as well 🙂

*Note: I think I may have worded this somewhat poorly. The challenge isn’t to create ridiculous standards for other women; it is to challenge the idea that white, able-bodied women are inherently more valuable because current beauty standards apply only to them.


Some Links to Get You Through the Mid Week Slump

Usually, if I see something interesting on the internet, I just randomly add it on to a post. This week, I thought I’d amass a bunch together for your reading pleasure. Some of them might be slightly old news, but hopefully at least some of you readers will come across something new and interesting you had not seen on the interweb yet! Note, some are fitness related, and some are not; some are funny, some are not.

6 by 21. An article about 6 women riding the Tour de France (ahead of the race). I think this one might be a little old, but I just saw it for the first time yesterday. You *might* have to be a member of in order to read it, I’m not sure.

9 Signs You’ve Become That Person About Getting Healthy. I was relieved to find that I do not yet do ALL of these.

30 Signs You’re a Fitness Chick. Gifs make me giggle.

Man Says One Day of P90X Sent him to the Emergency Room. I actually know someone who this happened to in real life – don’t do workouts your body isn’t ready for! Start with small changes!

ESPN’s Body Issue. This came out like a week ago, but I’d never even heard of this before (I live under a pop culture rock). While imperfect (it could be more inclusive) I find it a nice contrast to typical portrayals of fit female bodies – yes, some are sexualized, but I’d argue that they equally sexualize men, and most of it is in an artsy way, and they are at least trying to do non-sexy pics of both genders.

Access to Panera’s Hidden Menu. I don’t know if this actually works, but it looks amazing (like yummy good for you food instead of “health food”). Someone should try this out and tell me if it works before I embarrass myself at Panera :p

How Pregnancy Changes a Runner’s Body. Interesting article in the NY Times. I saw someone arguing that all of the information is “duh” and that it seems to suggest women shouldn’t run during pregnancy, but I didn’t catch the latter vibe. And to be fair, much of science is providing evidence in support of the obvious.

Face It. An article about body image and parenting.

8 Hydration Myths Busted. Some of the evidence for and against claims about hydrating during exercise (specifically running).

The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons why I Run Long Distances. I’m sure everyone has seen this comic from the Oatmeal by now, but parts of it really resonated with me (i.e. I will always be running from the fat person within). I was a little uncomfortable with his discussion of weightlifters, but to be fair it is true to his typical style of comedy through insulting exaggerations and I suspect some of it might come from his own insecurities (i.e. he had vain reasons to start running but that didn’t work out for him, so he dislikes people who work out for vain reasons now), so I might forgive him.

A few non-fitness ones:

I Understood Gender Discrimination Once I Added “Mr.” to my Resume and Landed a Job. A story about a guy named Kim who couldn’t get a job, obviously because he was a lady.

27 Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know. Some of these EVERYONE should know. It’s a little repetitive if you have Pinterest, but some of these were new to me.

Finally…DOGGIES!!! Nearly all of these apply to Belle. Or any dog. Gab: I can see River doing the upside down cereal thing.