New Running Locations

So, the craziness is finally beginning to calm down from me deciding that it would be a good idea to move and have the last week of my four-week upper-level research design course at the same time. I’m about 99% done grading for the class, have their finals prepped, and I have actually unpacked almost everything (still haven’t unpacked my textbooks…).

Overall, I did really well with keeping up with eating and exercising during my move! I did eat A LOT the big day of the move (like Uhaul/furniture day), but I also spent HOURS carrying boxes and furnitures, and was legit hungry for all that food, so I was not disappointed. Also, I was able to squeak in my workouts – I got up early on Saturday morning to finish my practice half marathon before beginning to move that day (I was really sore after that, though), and then on Monday I hopped over to my new fitness center to do a quick 3 miles on the treadmill – none of this needing to go to the university gym BS!

Having a fitness center is going to be great, I think – I like to run outside, but I avoid running when it is snowing/wet/humid/not perfect outside when I don’t have access to a treadmill. The main reason I actually kept up with my running I think was that (after I got over my treadmill fear) I was already at the gym to lift. But I stopped lifting last week so I’m not worn down for my half marathon, so I haven’t been going anymore, forcing me to run outside when it was like 90 and humid, which sucked. My old apartment complex TECHNICALLY had a fitness center, but it was disgusting. Like, they didn’t have anything to clean the equipment with and the floor was covered in bits of food level disgusting. And my new fitness center isn’t just like, one treadmill and one bike, either – there are multiple pieces of cardio equipment, dumbbells, weight machines, a couple of curl bars, yoga mats, exercise balls, and even a pull-up bar! Plus, there are things to clean the equipment with?!

I’m still adjusting to exactly where I am going to run outside, though – today I ran down a bike path near my new apartment, found that part of it was flooded, found my way around the flood, and then found that that trail eventually stopped being paved and because of the flooding simply turned into mud. I’m going to have to check it out when it’s drier (though our river is like always flooded so who knows). I know I can run towards campus, at least – I walked home from there yesterday (2.5 miles). I was just hoping to explore local trails more 😦

Speaking of proximity to campus, I might get a bike! Like treadmills, I am terrified of bikes. I wrecked badly once when I was a kid, and then avoided bikes pretty much like the plague. Once, when I was still overweight, I tried to get out my old bike and ride it a bit, and it ended with me pushing the bike through the woods in tears. I’m still not sure whether that was because I was out of shape or because I had a panic attack or because I am just that bad at biking. I’m going to legit try to buy one and practice this summer, though, because while the bus is still conveniently located at my new place, it is like always running late, and walking the 2.5 miles might take too long on busy days. I’ll provide a later update on the possible biking.

Edit: I didn’t realize today is National Running Day. Go run and celebrate, everyone!