New Workout Plan?

Let’s start with one of my most common complaints: I am not a fan of our current weather. I think mother nature heard me begging for fall to begin and overreacted, because it is basically winter. I had to wear a wool coat and a scarf today! The biggest problem is the cold rain. Ever since my half marathon it has basically been 40 degrees and kind of rainy all day every day. It got a little better this afternoon and stopped raining, allowing me to go for a somewhat pleasant walk, but the weather for my run was sort of miserable due to it being 35 and raining. Yuck. At least my new shoes were very comfortable outside. Glad I gave them a chance beyond the funky treadmill that made my shin hurt, because they felt VERY different out there and I really liked them.

Anyway, the last time I posted, I complained that my workouts have no structure to them. I have since tried to come up with a plan that incorporates everything I was thinking about and goes through finals week:

Monday – Stretch (due to long run previous day) and lift

Tuesday – Medium length (4-6 mile) run or longish (~10-15 mile) bike ride

Wednesday – REST

Thursday – 3 mile run and lift

Friday – Medium length run

Saturday – Long bike ride and lift

Sunday – Long run (8-10 miles?)

I like that this plan incorporates everything I want. It has at least one day of dedicated biking, and hopefully at first I will be able to continue bike commuting. As long as it isn’t rainy every day (I’m not a wimp but I have to teach in what I’m wearing, so I can’t get super soaked) or super icy out I can handle cold temperatures – I do heat up on the bike, after all. I will probably switch to the long bike ride on Tuesdays after commuting becomes impossible. ┬áIt also lets me try New Rules of Lifting for Women again while keeping a decent amount of running mileage (at the least 15 miles per week, and at the most 25). I am mildly concerned about the existence of only one rest day, though. Each of the days on their own doesn’t seem like that difficult of a workout, and I can’t really decide what to cut, but I worry that with such a plan I will get burnt out. I guess that Monday (lifting only) is not a super strenuous day, so that might help. I will just try to remember that the only “end goal” of this workout plan is to not be lazy over the rest of the semester so its not like if I miss a day anything bad will happen. In fact, I expect to completely mess up the week of Thanksgiving, for example. I guess I will just start this plan next week and see how it goes!