New Bike!

I did it, guys. I bought the Specialized Vita.

I already got her a little dirty 😦

I wasn’t sure if I should buy it now or wait until I’m back in Harrisburg later this week to buy it (so I wouldn’t have to drive it 600 miles), but then I realized that if I didn’t buy it here I wouldn’t get free tune ups here! So I ran in today before the store closed to buy it. Thus far, I am pretty happy with the purchase, though I feel like I still have soooo much more to learn about bikes.

My first ride was 3 miles on the bike trail that I run on near my apartment. I can’t believe I thought riding would be scary – it was super fun! I need to gain more confidence with speed (I was only going like 10mph lol), but otherwise I think it went really well. I also think I need to put my seat up about an inch, but otherwise everything felt comfy and great. It is easy to shift and the seat does not seem to hurt my butt a lot. I really really really love the grips on the handlebars as well. They are apparently special ones for women and they are the perfect size for my baby hands!

So far I haven’t really bought any accessories for it – I got the bare minimum of a bike rack, helmet and lock. The rack isn’t even here, yet – I ordered it on Amazon and it will be here tomorrow or Tuesday. Thankfully I can fit the bike in the back of my car if I must, but I can’t fit anything else in there, so I will need the rack for Wednesday’s trip, as I will be taking 6 weeks worth of luggage with me!

I’m very excited to ride it this summer as practice for commuting in the fall, and hoping that my husband and I can spend time together by riding – I tried to run with him last summer but that did NOT go well (I think we fought about it almost everyday). He really wanted me to bike with him then but I was still too scared. Now, I am looking forward to it!