March Goals

I typically don’t set monthly goals, but I’ve felt quite blah about my fitness progress lately (in addition to 1,000 other things), and I have a race coming up at the end of the month, so I thought setting some concrete goals for myself would help me to a) get my ass back into gear and b) be slightly less miserable to be around.

My first step in preparing for this month of getting back on track was to weigh myself. I do this rarely, not only because I don’t like to fixate on day-to-day fluctuations in weight, but because I only own a Wii Fit, not a real scale, so weighing myself is annoying and innacurrate. It is  usually better to just get on it once in awhile to make sure I’m not trending dangerously up or down and base my assessment more on how my clothes fit.

The problem with losing 110 lbs, though, is that because I am almost constantly afraid of gaining my weight back, I imagine that my clothes are becoming tight/ I am becoming fluffier even when that is not the case. I assumed that based on my “terrible” eating over the last 2 months since I last weighed myself, I was going to have to set a weight loss goal (I was guessing I had gained at the very least 10 lbs). Imagine my surprise when I got on the scale to find that my weight my exactly the same as it was in early January (128ish). Now, I’m sure I haven’t exactly maintained my weight to the ounce, but it was a signal to me that I have been overreacting about my “bad” eating, especially with all the activity from my occupation that I do not account for.

I am very glad to find that I don’t have to set a weight loss goal for the month! That doesn’t mean that I don’t want to try to fix up my diet a bit, though – I probably have been eating a bit too much pizza and ice cream for the sake of overall health and nutrition, even if my waist line has been spared the consequences thus far. With that being said, here are my goals for March:

  • Work out at least 5 days per week (4 runs and 2 days of strength training, one can be doubled up)
  • Actually stick to my calorie goals  on a weekly basis – perhaps try to figure out how much more I should be eating now that I have a more active job if I want to be able to eat more to reflect that
  • Follow the “80%” rule – the idea I often see touted on the internet that a “diet” should allow for 80% “good” eating and “20%” bad if you want to actually be successful and non-miserable. While I am obviously not going on a diet, I would like to try to pay more attention to how many of my calories are coming from completely non-nutritious snacks, like Cadbury Creme Eggs (side note: their calorie amount just isn’t fair)
  • Don’t eat anything that isn’t “worth it” from the pizza buffet at work. While this is a more subjective goal, what I mean by this is don’t just randomly eat pizza rolls and dessert breadsticks just because they are there; rather, do something like eat a couple slices of pizza and a couple mozzarella sticks because I haven’t eaten lunch yet. Basically, only eat with actual purpose.
  • Only drink 5 alcoholic beverages per week. While I don’t have an alcohol problem, it is basically empty calories, and I usually have at least 1-2 drinks (usually just non-exciting beer like Yuengling, too) per night, which is at least 150 calories of actual nutrition I could get per day. This allowance gives me enough slack to have one after a stressful night at work or when relaxing on an evening off.

March is off to a great start so far! The weather is good (until tomorrow); I’ve set some goals; and I got in a TON of exercise today – a 5K run (under 30 minutes for the first time in months) AND a 5K walk with Kris and Belle.


New Year’s Resolutions

Time for the obligatory New Year’s Resolutions. Last year I made only one: to run a half marathon, which I was able to complete! Though this may have been my only legitimate resolution, I did have several other goals I set over the year and achieved (such as completing said half marathon in under 2 hours). This year I figure that I can start out by trying to plan out several of these smaller goals in addition to bigger resolutions.

Running Resolutions and Goals

  • Complete as many races as I did last year (5). The only race I had been seriously planning to do was the Indy Mini, but I’ve had to change that plan as I won’t be in Indiana in May. I’m glad I procrastinated on registering! The main race on my radar right now is the Capital 10 Miler, now. I would also like to do another 5K so that I can finally get an official time under 25 minutes; another half marathon just so that I can force myself to train up to the 13.1 miles again (and maybe decrease my time); and a 10K because I’ve never actually done one (the trail race was a quarter marathon, and was actually a bit long, so more like 7 miles than 6.2).
  • Run more miles than I did in 2013. According to Runkeeper, I ran about 818 miles last year (I’m sure I forgot some, but we will have to go with that number). Looking back at the data shows that my winter months (Jan.-Mar. and Dec.) were very low so I bet if I could increase those I could get up to 900 miles. I will see how well I do at the beginning of this year and adjust from there.

General Fitness/Health Resolutions and Goals

  • The obvious one: continue to maintain my weight loss for another year. Perhaps I should actually weigh myself for the first time in like a month so that I know where I’m starting. Ugh. Hopefully the Wii is still working, I’d hate to buy a scale.
  • Eat more vegetables. I don’t like this one that much because I like quantifiable goals, but it needs to be done. I basically eat no veggies except spinach and carrots and I eat maybe 2 servings a day. Oops. I think this is especially important as I am trying to incorporate more vegetarian meals into my diet – I don’t want to become a carbivore!!
  • Take a 50 mile bike ride. Kris and I did 20 last summer with almost no training so I am hoping we can work our way up to this goal if we actually try.
  • Try to strength train at least once a week. I hate strength training and do it very sporadically, but I know it helps to prevent running injuries and is healthy for me in other ways because it increases not only my strength but also my bone density.


  • Read a novel. I’ve read a grand total of 3 books since starting graduate school in 2010: Under the Dome, The Hunger Games, and Game of Thrones. Graduate school messes up your ability to read for fun. I actually cried and yelled at Kris one time when he suggested I try to do so because the memory of enjoying it in the past was so painful. I’ve read about 100 pages of Clash of Kings so I could start by picking that back up again. I also looked up the hours for the library, which I feel is amazing progress.
  • Step outside my comfort zone with friend-making. I’m really outgoing once I’ve been put into a social situation so once I am in one I make friends easily but I am bad at setting them up because I get anxious about new experiences. I feel like while I’m here in Harrisburg I should try to join a club or something. I’ve thought about joining a gym at least, but that isn’t really the best for friend making unless you do classes or something, and it’s kind of pricey. Even my super introvert husband is in a local Warhammer club, I’m sure I could come up with something!!

Weather Woes

The weather lately has been sooooo frustrating.

First of all, it is supposed to be fall and it has been SUPER WARM. It has been, at the very least, in the high 70s every day, and on some days it has been in the 80s! I have been insisting on trying to wear boots and sweaters, but it hasn’t been working out to well, even for a person like me who is cold all the time. Also, pumpkin spice lattes (well, really pumpkin anything) don’t taste quite as good iced – they need to be warm for the full effect, and it has been too warm to drink warm things, really. I am going home to visit my family this weekend and my mother warned me to pack shorts. I was a bit surprised at this advice (it is typically colder there than it is here) but then I looked at their forecast:

Because of my perpetual coldness, I might not need shorts, but she wasn’t that far off. And then, the only cool day is rainy! Ugh! Last year when I was home visiting my family over this weekend it was in the 40s and raining the whole time. I had to buy an extra jacket because the one I brought wasn’t warm enough!

In addition to the heat, the summer humidity seems to have made a reappearance. It is at least somewhat chilly in the morning, though, resulting in every day beginning with this weird rain mist thing going on. I’ve tried riding my bike in it since it’s not “really” raining and it has still bee less than pleasant – the humidity makes me far sweatier than I typically would be at these temps. Also, I keep running into days where it is chilly and rainy in the morning so I don’t ride, but then when I am out on campus or heading home later in the day I regret this decision because the weather is beautiful.

And don’t even get me started on how this weather has been impacting my runs! The heat and humidity both REALLY slow me down, which I am sure you are all tired of hearing about by now. It is just so hard to breathe when the air is thick like that and I run really slowly, can hardly breathe, and often feel miserable and sick afterwards. This is not how I normally feel while/after running and I am not enjoying it one bit. I am especially not looking forward to my 11 miler this weekend on a sunny, 80 degree day. Hopefully it takes a long time to warm up and it is cool for me in the morning! I am also starting to get nervous that since it has been so warm thus far the weather will not have cooled down before my half marathon on the 19th. I guess my previous one that I ran was in June, but I was really assuming I’d be running this one in the cold, so I’m rather annoyed. I want to be able to wear the long-sleeved tee they are giving us at some point in the future, and that would require cool weather (ok, it never being cool enough to wear a long-sleeved tee again is a bit of a hyperbole).

I’ll try to prep some posts to go up while I’m out of town, but if I disappear, it’s because I’m having too much fun with my wonderful little doggie and the rest of my family. Speaking of Belle, did you know that October is National Pitbull Awareness Month? I’m not trying to steal breast cancer’s thunder, here, but it already receives a lot of attention and the pitbull month is a relatively new designation so I thought I’d make you aware of it (hah!). Remember, everyone: pitbulls are hyperactive creatures with demon eyes sweet little doggies who just want to share their enthusiasm with the world!

Sorrynotsorry I put this picture of you sleeping up on the internet, Kris.

My goals for my trip to see my family:

  • Don’t overeat in ridiculous amounts on the drive. I mean, I’ll probably go over my calorie limit, but no impulse buying of DQ blizzards.
  • Don’t get lost trying to find an 11 mile running route in the woods.
  • Keep maintaining my weight. I’ve been “up” a little bit the past few weeks (like 3-5 lbs, nothing major) but I didn’t want to cut calories while at 30ish miles per week with races coming up, so I’ve just been trying to keep my weight the same. I have a tendency to “bloat up” while visiting my family though. This typically goes away once I’m eating like normal again, but I’d like to stay on track as best as possible.

The Most Confusing Nutrition Label in the World

Finally some time to post!

I’ve been working on homework pretty much nonstop since the semester started and I finally reached one of those awkward points where even though the next assignment is due in about a week we haven’t learned enough for me to finish it yet. I’ll probably start it, and probably practice inverting matrices and figuring out if vectors are linearly dependent (I’ll return to English now, apologies), but, for now, I have at least a few hours to relax. Ugh. I feel like this is my first semester of grad school all over again. I mean, technically it is (I am taking the first semester classes for the econ phd program in order to earn an MS in econ), but as a fourth year student, I feel like I shouldn’t have homework and midterms anymore (I totally should, it’s a math class, I just have some sort of mixture between senioritis and an attitude that I am way more superior than I actually am).

I’ve also avoided posting because my workouts have just been…demotivating. I have a feeling I am going to run this half marathon WAY slower than the last one, because all of my long runs have basically just sucked. On Sunday, I ran 7 miles slower than the first time I ever ran 7 miles! Plus my normal runs, at least when I am outside and don’t have a treadmill to force me to go fast, have been like mortifyingly slow. It didn’t help that I almost overheated poor River this morning when the temperature increased by TEN degrees while we were out on our run. Now I simultaneously feel like a big jerk for making her run in the heat and super lazy for not running my whole four mile run (I could have theoretically went back out or something, but we went like 3.5 miles so I decided it was close enough).

Ranting about my failures of workouts and my failures at linear algebra is not very interesting, though, so instead I’ll move on to the point of this post.


I always assumed popcorn was an “unhealthy” food. Then, when I started working at Target, I realized that one of those big bags that they sell in the cafe, which we cooked in straight up coconut oil and topped with tons of some sort of butter flavored salt stuff was only 300 calories. I also realized that Aldi has those like bags of low-fat popcorn that only have like 100 calories in them. So I thought popcorn might not be a bad snack to keep around in lieu of things like chips and pretzels, which I always overeat. After all, even if it does have some butter on it, the popcorn in bags is air rather than oil popped, so there is no way it could be as bad for me as the Target popcorn, right?

I set out to the store to buy some low-fat popcorn. When I looked at the nutrition labels to decide what to purchase, though, I was incredibly confused. The label had the nutrition for one cup of popped popcorn or two tablespoons of unpopped popcorn. It then said a serving is “x” cups (whatever it is for the brand) and how many servings are in a bag. It seemed unreasonable, though, that the bag of popcorn would have like 500 calories in it (the number of cups per serving times the number of servings times the calories per cup). After all, aren’t those bags at Aldi like 100 calories? And aren’t these bags smaller/close in size to the ones we had at Target, which involved oil popping? I decided the most reasonable thing to go with for a whole bag would be to go with how many calories there were in two tablespoons unpopped, as I assumed that was how much they put into each bag and it was usually between 150-200 calories.

I started to notice that I’ve been kind of bloaty and while I’m not really gaining weight, I’m not really losing it, either. I  have been about 5 lbs up from my “normal” weight since getting back to school, but I figured it was from overeating while traveling/stress and would go away as soon as I got back on track. Typically, my weight fluctuates a lot, too. I’ll be “up” 5 lbs after eating a burger and fries, even if it fell in my goals, but after two normal days, even if I don’t have a calorie deficit, my weight will go back down. I just hold water weight really badly, apparently. This is why it has been so weird that my weight has been stuck – I’m not super concerned about a 5 lb “gain” (I’m still at a super healthy weight and all my clothes fit), but I was concerned that whether I ate pizza or cheeseburgers or fish with veggies, I wasn’t fluctuating much anymore. The only change I could think of was the introduction of popcorn. Perhaps the extra salt was making me hold on to water weight?

I then decided to do a bit of googling. 150-200 calories for the “normal” bag of popcorn really did seem too good to be true. Yeah, I didn’t believe it was 500 calories, but 150 seemed a little low for how much of it you get to eat. Some websites seemed to suggest that a whole bag might be in that calorie range, but they were talking about super low fat popcorns that were only 15 calories/cup (mine is 30 calories/cup, because I didn’t bother with low fat thinking it was low in calories anyway). So, last night, I decided to revisit the per cup measurement on my popcorn. I typically eat it in a mixing bowl that conveniently has measurements on it, and discovered that it holds 8 cups of popcorn. Therefore, by putting in the “4 cup” serving, I was really only counting half of the popcorn calories (so like 150 instead of 300). The extra calories weren’t a lot, but I eat popcorn  a few times a week, so it is possible I have been overeating a slight amount every week because of this. Oops. At least I am aware now so that I can count all of the calories somewhat more accurately.

I’m still slightly confused, though. My popcorn definitely says there are 3 servings of 4 cups each per bag, but there were only 8 cups in the bag. And I always eat the popcorn out of this bowl. The bowl only has 8 cups of volume. I cannot be mis-measuring. WHERE ARE THE OTHER 4 CUPS?! By the way, this isn’t just one brand of popcorn. All of the popcorn I’ve had said it had about 12 cups per bag but fit into the 8 cup bowl. WTF?

Foods on Fridays

Once again, I don’t have that much to talk about because I didn’t really eat anything interesting this week. It seems like I’m on-again-off-again – one week I try nothing new, the next I have so much food to talk about that the post is long and rambling!

The only new/interesting thing I ate this week was a $5 lunch at Dairy Queen, and that is only interesting because I need to advise anyone who is trying to lose weight against it and advise all others to go get it. Seriously, it is $5 for a chili dog/chicken/some other thingy; fries; a soda; and a SUNDAE. Therefore, it is either amazing or highly dangerous. You decide.

I guess the only other mildly interesting thing about my food this week was that I ate a lot of red meat – I bought hamburgers that were on sale for 50% off (it was their sell by date) when my parents were coming in and froze them so that they wouldn’t go bad. Then, my parents didn’t want to eat at my house so I had to eat them myself. I made cheeseburgers for Kris and myself one night and then ate two leftover burgers over the course of a couple of days cut up into some baked beans for lunch. This is only interesting because when I was a kid I LOVED cheeseburgers. Like, I would always eat a second one and like try to scrape as much of the little greasy and cheesy bits that fall off into the pan onto my bun as possible. I don’t dislike them now, and there are times when I crave a big, juicy burger (I sometimes get them at restaurants), but my super love of them, and especially of their grease, is apparently gone. I actually got kind of grossed out at how greasy they were, in fact! Now if only my opinion on pastries could change…

Calorie-wise, my week was meh. I went over about 200 calories a couple days and under about 200 calories a couple days. My weight has also returned to normal (125) so I can be sure there were no lasting effects of last weekend. I’m a little nervous I’ll have a super binge weekend again, as I’m traveling today and Monday and there is a big family party this Sunday. Luckily, I will be with Kris’s family, though, and it is way easier to eat normally around them. In fact, many of them go almost TOO far in remembering that I like to eat healthy, ruining my attempts at cheating on my diet by reminding me that “there’s a salad over there and I thought I’d let you know since you like to eat healthy” and such (I hope you can sense my sarcasm; they are legit trying to be helpful and nice!). There are also a few diabetics in his family, including a child with type 1 diabetes, so they are very diligent about having healthy snacks available (i.e rice cakes, bits of fruit for if their sugar is low, low-sugar yogurt) so I know that healthy options will be plentiful and unhealthy ones limited. Well, there might be cookies, but Kris will probably eat them all before anyone else can get any! There should be swimming (the place we are staying has a pool) and I also have 3 and 6 mile runs this weekend, so that will help if there are extra foods to be eaten!

Speaking of exercise, today is a rest day! Well, unless you count packing up my car to head back to school for the fall (I will be heading there immediately following the trip to see Kris’s family). I can’t believe I am going to say this, but I am SO HAPPY today is a rest day. When I was training for my last half, I hated my rest days. I felt super lazy and anxious on them. Now, even though I am only running one extra day per week (and keep in mind this is a switch from cycling to running on the 5th day, not from rest to running) I find that the training is kicking my ass. In general, I’ve been weaker lately – runs are more exhausting and my pace is super slow, as I have frequently complained about. Even though I worked out pretty consistently this summer the week or two that I took off plus my decreased attention to strength training has probably contributed to this. I am hoping that after I stick to consistent training for about a month my body will remember what it is doing and be less exhausted by all of this.

It doesn’t help that yesterday, because I had a 3 mile run + strength on my schedule, but no weights, I decided to do a bunch of random bodyweight exercises at home, and got the idea in my head to try one-legged squats for the first time. Holy cow did those work my quads and glutes! I haven’t had the squatted-so-hard-I-dread-the-toilet-and-stairs feeling in a long time, so I am glad to know a new workout that does that to me! My legs are also in general sore from all of my running (I was running about 12-15 miles per week this summer and I’ve jumped to like 17-19 with training) so walking around is…interesting. You should have seen me trying to go up the stairs last night after having a little bit too much wine!

Have a good weekend! Here is to hoping that I can stay on track – or at least not fail as miserably as last weekend!

Foods on Fridays

Other than on my birthday (yesterday), during which I may have consumed half of an ice cream cake (to be fair I became confused because it had 6 marks on the box indicating where to cut the cake, so I assumed 1/6 of a cake was a 170 calorie serving, so I thought I was eating 3×170 calories…when in fact the listed serving size was 1/11 of the cake, wtf), I have done really well food-wise this week. I’m probably not going to stick to my diet very well this weekend, as I’m going out of town to go to a wedding, but honestly I’m not that worried because my weight is still ultra low (122 yesterday :/) and the dress I’m planning on wearing is just a teensy bit too big.

The unhealthy cake and Mexican that I had for lunch is balanced by this healthy sushi dinner, right?

I also tried 2 new recipes this week in an attempt to use up the buttermilk that is still sitting in my fridge from when I made the cheesecake.

The chicken recipe I found by googling something to the effect of “healthy buttermilk recipes.” I used chicken breast tenderloins to make them more like chicken tenders and left out the egg – the breadcrumbs (I didn’t have panko, only whole wheat bread crumbs) stuck to the chicken just fine as it had been marinating in buttermilk for hours. I would highly recommend this – it is incredibly easy (marinate in buttermilk and spices; roll in breadcrumbs; bake) and it was sooooo good that I made it TWICE! You might have to adjust the amount of breadcrumbs you use and baking time based on how much/what type of chicken you use. I used like half of the recommended breadcrumbs and baked for 20 minutes instead of 30, for example (to make 2-3 chicken tenders each, depending on tender size).

The coffee cake was also incredible – I cut it into 8 pieces but we ended up eating 2 pieces each at a time, so I really should have only cut it into 4 pieces (that would have been just over 300 calories per serving as I made it). I did alter a few things in the recipe – for example, I used Greek yogurt instead of butter in order to use up my yogurt, and I used a lemon glaze instead of a butter-vanilla glaze (can you tell I am almost out of butter?). I also used sugar substitute instead of real sugar. Note: I also had to adjust baking time on this recipe, though I can’t remember how much. I just remember I checked it and it was brown on the edges and the center was set so I pulled it out.

The only problem with this cake?


Click Image for Source


All of the glaze like…soaked in?

It looks slightly better on a plate.


Oh, and unfortunately no updates on how well the GPS watch is working. I’m still having trouble saving my activities – I think I keep deleting them accidentally instead 😦


Weighing In

You might have noticed that I have been absent for the past few days. Apologies for that, I have been quite busy and I am just now getting the chance to “weigh in.” (I might love puns too much). My parents had come to visit for the holiday weekend and then on the 8th Kris had surgery. Don’t worry, it was fairly minor – he had a cyst in his pituitary that had been there probably his whole life but was beginning to cause some complications that may have lead to long-term health problems, so it needed to be taken care of. In fact, the surgery turned out better than expected! They had originally thought that the cyst was a tumor, so the surgery took far less time than we originally thought it would. Plus, we got two surgeries for the price of one (not that we are paying for it – thanks, government job)! Apparently he had a deviated septum that we did not know about (they went in through his nose) and they fixed it while they were in there. I’m just hoping it will result in him snoring less 😉

Now, because of this busy-ness, I ate terribly. I did follow my tips for having a healthy cookout and managed to stay within my calorie range and eat relatively healthfully one day during the holiday weekend (it probably helped that I went for a 5 mile run…). I don’t really regret the choices I made, though, and here is why:

  • Kris and I impulse bought peanut butter donuts at a giant flea/farmer’s market thing (Where we also bought our first flowerpots ever. I am NOT kidding. EVER!). These were super fresh and good and I could have probably fit the donut in my diet had I not had so many sides with my lunch that day (burgers with fresh beef and hot pepper cheese from a different farmer’s market).
  • On Thursday, I had planned on eating one relatively unhealthy meal at the local 4th of July festival, but I had planned on eating it as my dinner after a healthy lunch. Instead, it turned out that we went down there for lunch and then out for Mexican for dinner! I did not regret the festival food one bit, though. For some reason, the stand was selling a mix of Mexican and Greek food so we ate chicken fajitas topped with nacho cheese and greek salad (like cucumbers and feta and stuff). It sounds WTF but it was AWESOME.
  • On Friday, my parents insisted on keeping with the loose tradition that Kris and I have of “pizza Friday” and we got Mediterranean pizza from our local pizza place for the first time ever, and it was among the best pizzas I have ever had. It was basically a white pizza with olives, tomatoes, and feta. Hmm, maybe I should start taking more pics of my food….
  • Additionally, I stayed pretty active this whole time. Kris and I went for a 4 mile hike Thursday morning, I went running almost every day, and we did plenty of walking at the flea/farmer’s markets.

I only really regret how I ate the day of Kris’s surgery. The last time that he had surgery (far more serious, and a story for another time) I really overate out of stress but this time I KNEW it was not going to be that bad but I still let myself “eat more because this was sooooo stressful.” In retrospect, I could have controlled myself more. I had multiple caramel mochas; a bacon, egg, and cheese bagel; a cookie; and a bbq bacon burger with fries AFTER eating bacon ranch nachos as an appetizer. And these were just the worst choices that day…not everything is listed! Yuck!

Still, I appreciate weeks like this where I don’t keep my eating perfectly in line because it reminds me of something. Even after going on vacation, “gaining” a few pounds (up to my normal weight), then only having a few days of normal eating before going back into unhealthy mode, after returning to normal eating only yesterday and today (and might I add that I am experiencing some lady-bloating) I am STILL at my goal weight (I weighed 126 this morning). Remember: eating 250 calories over goal every day for a week should only cause a half-pound “real” gain, which is about what scenario I am in. Yes, I am sure that on the day with burritos, ice cream, and pizza (I failed to discuss the burrito and ice cream…) that I “weighed” a lot more, but that was water weight, not REAL weight! Keep long term weights in mind and remember that weight fluctuates before freaking out and thinking you gained 10 lbs after a vacation 🙂

Now, I am thinking of trying out a few new recipes since Kris and I will be home together all week, so I’ll have to let you know if the overeating eventually does catch up, especially with my birthday next week! I’m thinking of making either a red velvet or snickerdoodle cheesecake, and I’m having a hard time deciding whether I’m going to make Kris go buy me some super fancy peanut butter ice cream cake or make one myself for my last birthday before I’m allowed to start having quarter life-crises.

Now, before I disappear for a week again (just kidding, I should be back to normal now), I wanted to share a link that I saw on reddit this morning and found interesting, especially in relation to last week’s discussion of eating “natural” foods: How Junk Food Can End Obesity. If you don’t want to read the article I linked (it is long), the author discusses the false notion that something unprocessed and natural is inherently healthier. In his words, the studies that compare people who eat a more whole/raw/unprocessed diet to people who do the opposite compares people eating apples to people eating Big Macs, not people eating grass-fed beef on homemade buns to people eating Big Macs, leading to the idea that such a diet is healthier for you, when in fact, your body has no way of distinguishing between the fat in the two types of beef. I think he makes a lot of interesting points that I did not articulate very well or did not even bother to mention. For example, I really like his focus on fast food restaurants – McDonald’s is still one of my favorite places to eat because honestly, I can find TONS of perfectly healthy options with clear calorie counts there.